Why did accesa choose to support the stiintescu fund in oradea?

Accesa was the Main Sponsor of the Stiintescu Fund in Oradea, investing in future generations and sparked young people's interest in science.

Why did accesa choose to support the stiintescu fund in oradea?

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Things move forward when the community acts as one and shares the same values and desires for progress and improvement. accesa has made science more attractive for children in bihor county. the company has invested in future generations and sparked young people’s curiosity for science.

Accesa was the Main Sponsor of the 5th edition of the Stiintescu Fund in Oradea (the Science Fund), implemented in Bihor county through 10 project teams of teachers, young people or members of associations, who encouraged a different way of learning science, based on practical education.

The 5th edition of the Stiintescu Fund meant 10 projects and more than 87,341 lei (around 17,500 euros) that were granted for their implementation.

The stiintescu fund impacted 1,069 children aged 6 to 19. the project teams carried out over 200 activities in robotics, physics and chemistry, astronomy, natural sciences, biology, and even the food industry.

The Stiintescu Fund in Oradea has reached both urban areas, in Oradea and Stei, and rural areas, in Calugari, Sambata, Tinca, Draganesti and Buntesti.

Before starting the programme and launching the call for proposals, we turned to Accesa. The company resonated with the goal of the Stiintescu Fund in Oradea, as Accesa’s CEO, Dr. Andrea Marlière, believes and states:


Dr. Andrea Marlière, CEO at Accesa

For the last 19 years, Accesa has been developing software solutions, bringing value to businesses operating in the Retail and Consumer Goods, Manufacturing and Multi-Industry, and Finance and Banking. We take pride in building strong tech solutions for future-ready organisations, helping our clients in their digital transformation process.

Beyond the business component, Accesa supports educational projects that empower young people of all ages to (re)discover the potential of science and understand its impact in building a better society. We believe in the force of technology to do good, which is why we support projects that bring long-term value to the community and can influence career choices for the next generations and nurture their passion for science.

Accesa believed right from the very beginning in the mission of the programme to develop science-based knowledge and skills among children and young people in Bihor.

The company understood the complexity behind addressing multiple needs to support the development of the younger generation.

Amalia Tirla, Local Communities Manager at Accesa, spoke about the project teams that best met those needs, while Dr. Andrea Marlière, CEO at Accesa, underlined why young people have to be involved in as many practical experiences as possible to guide them in choosing a career:

“We resonated the best with the idea that these projects support real needs of the community because they are proposals submitted by initiative groups, teachers, parents, schools, who work every day with children and understand their challenges, desires and interests.”, said Amalia Tirla.

“In Romania, there is a need for practical education to deepen science, technological or technical knowledge. Through workshops in programming, robotics or physical and chemical experiments, to mention but a few, young people can understand how science, technology, and the world, in general, work. Moreover, these activities spark their curiosity to actively search for information aside from what they learn at school, empowering them to be the architects of their learning journey from an early age.

Young people need guidance in choosing a career path, and the more they are involved in various hands-on learning experiences, the more they can understand what suits them the best, what skills they need to get where they want to be, what strengths they have and where they can bring more value.

with this in mind, each year, we host students’ visits to our headquarters in cluj-napoca, where they learn what it means to work in an it company and what they need to do to embrace a career in it. as we believe that access to modern technology can increase the learning process’s efficiency, we donate hundreds of laptops and monitors to schools with fewer resources in the urban and rural areas of cluj or bihor counties annually.”, added dr. andrea marlière.

Accesa was the Sponsor that oversaw the progress of the implemented projects and their impact on children:


Amalia Tirla Local Communities Manager at Accesa

We saw the light in children’s eyes when they succeeded in building solar-powered toys, we felt the excitement of young people using a telescope to really look at the sky for the first time, and we were filled with their enthusiasm for solving complex problems.

These experiences stay forever with them, and we believe they will continue to feed their thirst for knowledge and understanding of science. The projects carried out through the Stiintescu Fund in Oradea attracted students to science by including hands-on activities, which helped students better understand what they learned at school during their computer science, physics or chemistry classes.

The results of this year’s edition – 1,069 students involved in over 200 educational activities – show that the Stiintescu Fund in Oradea has achieved its goal of making science more attractive for today’s children and tomorrow’s adults, future programmers, software testers, engineers and scientists.

For Accesa, funding the Stiintescu Fund in Oradea was a contribution to the community, an investment in the future that Amalia Tirla outlines below:

“Education is the foundation of a healthy society. It influences our lives, our communities, and our future. I believe that a more educated generation can help us achieve the progress we want and contribute to a more sustainable environment and, in the end, to a better world. On behalf of Accesa, I am grateful for my professional colleagues because they are the ones who add value to the services we provide. The investment in the Stiintescu Fund is a way to pay it forward and invest in future generations.”

About the stiintescu fund in oradea

The Stiintescu Fund in Oradea is a program of the Oradea Community Foundation, initiated by the Federation of Community Foundations in Romania and the Romanian-American Foundation, carried out in Bihor with the support of the main Sponsor Accesa.

The following local companies have contributed to making science more attractive for children and young people in Bihor: Cylex, Decitex Oradea, Golde Oradea, Plexus, Sema Express, VPK Packaging Salonta, ADLO, Vulcri, Madrugada, Holcim.