Client story hero - Building a High-Performance Online Shop with SAP Commerce Cloud

Building a High-Performance Online Shop with SAP Commerce Cloud

high-end retail brand

The company is one of the largest high-end retail brands, with stores in more than 170 countries and a multi-billion-euro annual revenue.


  • Retail


  • Commerce Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions

Company Size

27.000+ employees


2017 – present

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As the high-end luxury goods market is very competitive and fast paced, the company needed a versatile e-Commerce solution that can offer exceptional user experience and adapt to changing business and customer needs. The challenges they needed to overcome to reach this goal were long feature development cycles, lax Quality Assurance and performance issues that led to UX issues.

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After understanding their objectives and needs, we began developing the omni-commerce platform using SAP Commerce Cloud due to its versatility and customizability. After many releases improving performance and appearance, we switched to a Feature Driven Development approach to improve feature time-to-market and optimize resource use.

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By implementing new development standards and best practices as well as an optimized way of working, we shortened the release cycle from 10 weeks to just one and increased cost efficiency due to better team management. Our team also improved the platform’s uptime and availability while also decreasing technical debt and improving testing procedures by introducing automation testing.

Project Overview

When we began the project, our primary focus was to learn as much as possible about our partner's business needs and context, so we could prepare an optimal solution. We worked closely with their internal team to ensure a smooth transition from the previous provider and build a strong collaboration and commutation culture within the teams.

After the initial design and development phase, we successfully launched the online store on time and started focusing on creating new features and ensuring high quality on the platform. We added a dedicated team of QA specialists to the project to ensure that both pre-existing bugs, as well as potential new errors that may appear with new releases are quickly detected and remedied.

As we implemented both minor and major releases, we constantly refined our development processes to maximize the impact of our team and roll out quality features effectively. This continuous improvement led the team to adopt a Feature Driven Development approach which ensured we could respond to our partner’s requests faster and lower new features’ time-to-market. Another change was the inclusion of the QA team in the feature design phase so they could provide early feedback. This enabled us to better allocate our resources and validate feature requirements from the design phase.

Throughout the project, we maintained close communication so that our partner was always up to date on the delivered business value and so that we could prepare custom training materials for their development teams. These materials were created to help developers take ownership of the project and maintain its high standards while working with SAP Commerce Cloud.


  • Greatly improved new features’ time-to-market by shortening release cycles from 10 weeks to just one.

  • Constantly updated the system and implemented processes to ensure industry standards and best practices are followed to minimize technical debt and the cost of future changes.

  • Considerably increased the platform’s uptime and availability so that customers have a positive shopping experience at any moment.

  • Improved efficiency and lowered development costs by introducing automation testing infrastructure.

  • Continuously improved our development processes to maximize the team’s efficiency and deliver positive impact faster.





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