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Business HyperAutomation

Reach a new level of efficiency, agility, and scalability through end-to-end automation.


How much more could your team achieve without the repetitive yet crucial tasks they encounter on a daily basis? Business Hyperautomation is a multi-tool approach to increasing efficiency across whole organisations by rapidly identifying, analysing, and optimising business and IT processes through automation.  

Our automation and AI specialists are by your side, ready to automate and simplify processes within your company to save time and money while offering a better experience to users. Our goal is to leverage technology such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and integration platforms as a service (iPaaS) to create tangible and measurable growth in your company. 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Design, build, and deploy software robots capable of mimicking human action so you can automate and streamline your workflows and increase employee productivity, satisfaction, and engagement.

Data & Artificial Intelligence

Transform, innovate, and grow your business through data-driven decisions thanks to an automated stream of business insights. Artificial Intelligence helps you analyse key data across your organisation to understand the what, the why, and the how and take informed decisions.

Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAPs)

Leverage user-friendly development tools such as ServiceNow or Microsoft Power Platform to bridge the gap between business needs and technical capabilities. Reduce development time and costs while customising your IT ecosystem to your specific goals.

Process mining

Automatically analyse and track your business processes for invaluable insights. Supercharge your process management activities with fast, accurate, and objective data without the need for lengthy and expensive workshops or interviews.

Virtual agents

Drive customer interaction without the help of a human agent by leveraging natural language processing (NLP), intent-driven processes, and other forms of automation, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

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Accelerated growth – By leveraging process mining to analyse your organisation’s processes and workflows, our team finds automation opportunities that increase speed and decrease operational costs.  

Lowered risk – With clear guidelines and rulesets to follow, the robots ensure higher compliance and operational resilience by always performing their tasks to the highest standards possible.  

A more efficient team – With repetitive processes handled by automation software, your team saves time and energy they can invest in driving the results that matter most to you. 

Happier customers – By lowering wait time as well as the likelihood of errors, you improve the service and overall experience your business offers to customers.  

Simplified scalability – With our training and support, your team can manage processes, make updates and create new automation through a user-friendly, low-code interface. 



Our dedicated team of specialists is here to help you unleash your business's potential with hyperautomation. We use in-depth discussions, workshops, interviews, and process mining tools to identify key pain points, business processes, and automation opportunities. Our objective is to gain a deep understanding of your existing workflows, data sources, and systems so that we can plan an optimal automation solution. 

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Strategy and Planning

Once we have a clear understanding of your landscape, we identify the most critical business processes in your IT ecosystem, assess the data and collaboratively work with you to craft a detailed roadmap for your hyperautomation journey. Together, we'll carefully map your automation needs, ensuring that the pilot project aligns with your unique requirements and plan on how to implement the software.  

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We meticulously design the bots and build them in offline environments to ensure they meet your business needs. By starting with a pilot project and carefully monitoring the results, we take timely corrective actions, optimise the workflow and scale to reach more KPIs. 

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We support you and your team with the necessary documentation and training to ensure that all business stakeholders know the benefits of automation. Our objective is to help you and your colleagues leverage the bots to their full potential and identify growth and automation opportunities as they come.

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Continuous Evolution

We continuously support you in the hyperautomation journey, ensuring that the automations remain up-to-date and effective over time. This may involve ongoing support for user adoption, continuous process evolution, and assistance with any future automation needs. 

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After you submit a contact form on, one of our representatives will review the information and get back to you in 1-2 business days.


We will then assign a Technical Presales expert to have a deep dive and assess your requirements and objectives.


The Presales expert will work with a bid team and a Software Architect to prepare a high level project estimation and the Sales expert will provide you with a commercial offer.

We will get back to you within 1 to 2 business days. We will also provide a proposed project allocation and start date after a minimum of 15 days from the deep dive session.

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