Thriving On Technical Proficiency – Bianca’s Journey From Civil Engineer to Java Developer

Bianca Nicola, Java Software Engineer, shares her story about what being a software engineer means.

Thriving On Technical Proficiency – Bianca’s Journey From Civil Engineer to Java Developer

There is a question that keeps popping up in my mind: how do you define success? sometimes success is the ability to start over again, doing what you want, being good at it and recognised for it. Nine years ago, I took a leap and joined the computer science faculty after graduating my engineering studies. It was a tough choice as I invested six years to excel in a field as demanding as civil engineering, but, looking back, now I know I made the right call.

Being a software engineer means that you are constantly evolving to keep up with tech trends. Often seen as a natural and rewarding process, this mindset creates new learning opportunities and helps you develop in many ways and areas. This is what I love about my job; I’ve never had a dull moment since I joined Accesa 7 and a half years ago.

Even though I’m still working on the same project, I always felt very lucky to be part of it as it grew a lot and created space to explore different technologies, various programming languages and software solutions. I started with Java 8, moved to Java 12, and progressed with Kotlin for the backend, AngularJS and React for the frontend. Our product owners entrusted us to envision PoCs; we even developed a mobile application at some point. Working on a dynamic project like this kept my interest high and challenged me to develop myself and improve my skills in multiple areas.

Last year, I got certified as a Google Cloud Architect for the second time. The first time I had only three years of experience as a software engineer and it was like climbing Everest, challenging but very satisfying once you reach the peak. Going through this process made me realise how important it is to access relevant learning resources and how much technology can evolve in only two years.

Within our Java community, I take part in knowledge-sharing sessions and technical presentations, which are my source of inspiration for new ideas and in-depth analysis. When I started working at Accesa, I met Attila, who inspired me to build a habit: never let a day pass without reading a technical article. And I never do.

I’ve always felt connected to my team and I’m grateful for the people I’ve crossed paths with in Accesa. Having colleagues from whom I can learn, who’ve inspired me to find the courage to take on challenges and who I trust means everything to me. No matter how experienced they are, how busy they are, or how foolish simple our questions are, they are always there, ready to help. Most importantly, they treat us as equals.

These three magic words - growth, flexibility and inspiration sum up my Accesa experience. Growth - as I enjoy having time to learn and access to relevant resources; flexibility - as I’m part of an operational project and, at the same time, I can get creative working on a PoC; inspiration – as I have colleagues always there to lend a hand and who motivate me to go above and beyond.

A good day here is when I learn something new and help a colleague advance with their work. And if I have a great coffee, well, then it becomes a great day.