Thriving on Genuine Connections - Iuliana’s Journey from Junior SharePoint Engineer to Tribe Lead

Thriving on Genuine Connections - Iuliana’s Journey from Junior SharePoint Engineer to Tribe Lead

I joined Accesa 6 years ago as a Junior SharePoint Engineer. 2 years into my journey, I was given the opportunity to take on a leadership position. Having had a limited experience, I stepped into an unfamiliar territory with many processes to learn and a whole new business context to understand. Fortunately, people in my team supported me and guided me throughout this journey, and slowly, I discovered I was more resilient than I thought.  

I currently lead the Platform Operations tribe in Accesa, which brings together teams working on SAP infrastructure management and functional consulting, Microsoft enterprise-level administration and consulting (with a focus on Modern Workplace), as well as RPA infrastructure and support.  

In Accesa, we are breaking down organisational silos that offer a limited perspective and we’re switching our focus to collective intelligence. I’m confident that this approach will continue in the next years, bringing together colleagues from all departments to work on common goals shared between all the layers of the company.

Our team’s greatest strength lies in our ability to share different points of view and find the best solutions together. Being part of such a collaborative work environment makes me feel grateful.  

The same collaborative culture is embedded in the relationships with our clients, too. They put a lot of trust in our teams, giving them space to innovate and propose diverse ways of working or implementing modern technologies.

Sometimes, the best ideas emerged while working on-site and face-to-face. We try to organise get-togethers with our client’s teams, during which we take a close and honest look at what’s working well, share mutual feedback, brainstorm solutions, and explore their future needs.  

Having vast expertise and certified experts who have worked with multiple environments allows us to serve all industries, from Retail and Consumer Goods, Manufacturing and Multi-Industry to Finance and Insurance. As core platforms are mostly the same, our clients share similar challenges such as cybersecurity threats, accelerated and cost-efficient digital transformation or automation.   

Although challenging, some of the best days are when we bounce ideas on how to solve a problem for our client or improve our way of working. When that happens, I enjoy seeing everyone pitching their ideas, trying to share their perspective and stay positive. If that happens at the office, even better!