Thriving On Genuine Connections – Adina’s Perspective On Driving Her Own Career Path and Having an Impact

Adina Cordea, Project Delivery Lead, shares her career story about her perspective on driving her own career path and having an impact.

Thriving On Genuine Connections – Adina’s Perspective On Driving Her Own Career Path and Having an Impact

My journey in Accesa began 5 years ago, as a Java Intern, and receiving a hiring offer brought with it the happiness and excitement of my first job after college. Having strong mentors and great colleagues, I knew right away that I had made the right choice and although I couldn’t join the team for a few more months, I appreciated the fact that they were willing to wait.

I think my curiosity, enthusiasm and eagerness to develop my skills pushed me to make the most of every opportunity I had to grow. I like taking part in different trainings, both technical and non-technical, attending conferences and exploring different topics. Above all, I believe that my team and my mentors are the biggest contributors to my professional development, by providing encouragement, open discussions and genuine feedback.

Four years into my journey with Accesa, I was given the opportunity to take on a Team Lead role and it was one of the biggest challenges of my career. Nevertheless, I was more than happy to embrace it and grateful for the trust put in me. I felt like I can choose my own career path and I’m always encouraged to express my opinion. This change came both with many new responsibilities and the need to look at things from a broader perspective, but the transition was a smooth one thanks to the support of the people around me – manager, team, mentors — and from the company — by facilitating my participation in the Igniting Leadership programme.

I think one of the most valuable lessons I learned along the way is that having a dedicated team by your side is the best growth factor you could wish for. Even though we changed the team structure a few times over the past years, I’ve always felt connected to my peers and had something new to learn from them. I feel the same about our clients, who are part of our extended team: we’ve been working together for over 3 years, taking the time to know each other better and build a long-term partnership based on trust and communication.

Working both hands-on as a Java Developer and as a Project Lead enables me to apply my technical and leadership skills in driving our customers’ digital transformation. I like that I get the chance to focus on consultancy as well as delivery, giving me the opportunity to work with new technology stack, and learn more about our clients’ businesses.

It’s exciting to see the impact of our work, how the features we develop truly make an impact on our client’s business. For example, the project I am currently working on is a B2B application for a client in the fashion industry and some administrative applications like M2B, QI, Stock Allocation and Price Adjustment. Just a few years ago, the entire processes of ordering and visualising products was done manually, using pen and paper. In less than six months after launching our first B2B app, the platform reached an 80% adoption rate among the company’s business customers. Moreover, the client’s digitalisation process makes it easier to track the quality inspection of the products, allocate goods to their outlet stores, and help the marketing and sales teams prepare campaigns, news, merchandising and advertising products.

What makes the Accesa experience special for me is its people. I feel like I always have support from and interact with open minded people and Accesa’s culture is very compatible with my own values. The freedom, flexible working hours, awesome colleagues, customers, and projects help me achieve the goals I’m working towards as a professional.