Thriving On Genuine Connections – Adina’s Journey From 1st level Support Engineer to Head of Service Delivery

Adina Talvac, Head of Service Delivery, shares her story about her journey from 1st level support engineer to head of service delivery.

Thriving On Genuine Connections – Adina’s Journey From 1st level Support Engineer to Head of Service Delivery

We say that managed services is about ensuring a healthy IT landscape. I’ve realised in the past few years that it’s actually about learning to thrive on change and then helping our clients and their customers embrace it too.

My journey began with change and has involved change every step of the way. When I began my career in IT, 7 years ago, I switched from a completely different industry, but I felt I belonged from my first interview. It sounds cheesy but I really did, it felt like an open conversation. I mentioned, in passing, that I love ridding and 6 years later, Bogdan still asks me about it.

That’s the kind of honest interest people show, the authentic connections people make here. It’s the reason we do so well, individually and as a team.

Working with clients across the fashion, jewellery, and manufacturing industries, we get to impact many, very different types of organisations. They’re all trying to use technology to stay competitive in their industries. For many of them this means migrating to the Cloud. A massive change that can bring business disruption, security risks, new processes; all at once. Managing it is a lot easier when we have a common goal and we trust each other to do our very best to reach it.

With technical proficiency, you can get a platform to do most, if not everything, you want. A successful project, however, is as much about meeting people’s needs and creating a great experience for them, as it is about building an effective solution.

When you have strong mentors, like Bogdan and Marius, you feel like you can do anything; that no matter how big the challenge, we will find a solution because we’re solving problems together. They’re the kind of people who care about your development as much as you do. Seeing I love planning, organisation and strategy, as much as I love working with people and technology, I was given the opportunity to grow my skills and take on the responsibilities of a Service Manager two years later, of a Service Management Lead a year after that and of a Head of Service Delivery just a year ago. I drive my own career development, but I feel that my team and my manager are just as involved in it.

From acting as a bridge between our teams and our clients, to working hands-on to define tailored change, problem and incident management processes for our projects, I hold myself accountable to provide effective leadership for my team and work together to ensure a positive outcome for all of us, just as much. The fact is, the only way to manage change is to embrace it.