Introducing Access-a-Seat: The Hot Desk and Parking Booking Software Powered by Accesa

Accesa’s first product, Access-a-Seat, is the all-in-one booking software created to connect like-minded professionals in a supportive work environment. The software is a gap between the HR department, Office Managers, and employees’ flexibility in creating a productive and pleasant working space.

Introducing Access-a-Seat: The Hot Desk and Parking Booking Software Powered by Accesa

This press release was originally featured in the International Publication Yahoo Finance.

With almost twenty years of experience in the software industry, Accesa created Access-a-Seat during the pandemic years, when the workspace, as we knew it, completely shifted. Today, professionals, especially from the Banking and Finance sectors, have implemented the booking software in their organisations, for a smoother transition to hybrid work.

“Access-a-Seat was a great help in managing costs and keeping office space efficient. During the pandemic, we had real-time monitoring and trends, and the data enabled informed decisions of when to open another floor or building. It is now a great help in defining our plans to enable hybrid work.”, says Bogdan Gruescu, Facility Manager at Accesa

With effortless hot desk and parking booking, easy floor customisation, and a straightforward reporting system, the innovative software offers leaders the ability to streamline the hybrid work experience while being employee-centric.

Access-a-Seat is a dynamic solution that facilitates efficient resource usage, allowing businesses to manage the workspace cost-effectively.

“Access-a-Seat is the result of our ongoing commitment to innovation in response to the ever-growing and changing workspace-focused dynamics. Our software is the all-in-one booking tool that not only helps leaders manage the workspace more effectively but also gives their teams the chance to network and collaborate in an efficient manner. Our software helps employees choose a desired seat or forget about parking anxiety by booking a spot in advance. It also makes leaders’ lives easier by giving them access to easy-to-follow reports and accurate data.”, says Cornel Miron, Product Manager at Access-a-Seat.

To learn more about Access-a-Seat and how it can transform the workplace into a productive space visit or book a free demo here.

About Accesa

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