Bringing our teams closer by expanding our working spaces in two major cities in Romania

Taking the hybrid working model several steps forward allowed us to increase our national footprint and expand our working spaces.

Bringing our teams closer by expanding our working spaces in two major cities in Romania

Taking the hybrid working model several steps forward allows us to increase our national footprint, and expand our working spaces in bucharest and timisoara, in addition to our existing ones in cluj-napoca and oradea. by creating more opportunities for interaction and genuine connections, we’re building stronger communities, in which people can thrive.

Switching to a hybrid working model has allowed us to consistently increase our national footprint and has ensured our people can choose to work wherever they have a meaningful impact, best connect with their teams, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

By providing our growing local communities with co-working spaces and redesigning our existing offices to ease social interactions and host events, workshops, and hackathons, we’re building stronger communities where our people can work and collaborate face-to-face, aside from our remote and work-from-abroad options.

Increasing collaboration and social interactions across our nationally distributed teams

Our hybrid workplace model enables us to work in tech teams distributed across the major cities in Romania, at the same time, helping us reach top talent in Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, Bucharest, Timisoara, Brasov, Iasi, or, even, Sibiu. With plans to further develop our local communities, we’re constantly looking for ways to consolidate our people-first, customer-centric culture. Our Connected Events series of get-togethers helps our people connect and engage with their teams, managers, and the broader Accesa community.

as each local community has its own particularities, we adjusted our workplace to fit our teams’ interests and priorities. thus, smaller communities can work, exchange ideas and knowledge, or attend workshops in co-working spaces, while the large-sized ones can join all the activities mentioned above in our dedicated offices.

Aiming to improve our people’s experience, we‘ve forged a partnership with several local coffeehouses in Cluj-Napoca. Called Accesa Coffee Shop, the initiative provides our colleagues with an additional unconventional spot outside the office space where they can hang out or chit-chat over a free cup of coffee or a glass of juice during working hours.

Aside from facilitating increased collaboration and social interactions through our various workspaces, we’re also encouraging our colleagues to come up with ideas and actively contribute to shaping the community they want to thrive in.


Amalia Tirla Local Communities Manager at Accesa

Local communities play a significant role in a company’s evolution, providing both growth opportunities for colleagues and resources for business development. Our colleagues’ contribution to actively shaping their local community is essential because it best represents their real interests and needs and gives us insights into what is popular regarding local events, local businesses, and the IT community. We support our colleagues in getting involved in local events such as workshops, sports races, and CSR initiatives or pass on their knowledge by attending local university careers days and tech meetups. Last but not least, we encourage them to build genuine connections at get-togethers and fun activities, or even pitch ideas and initiatives that could bring value to our company, strengthening and shaping our community.

Facilitating genuine connections in our new co-working spaces in bucharest and timisoara

We recently partnered with two co-working spaces in Bucharest and Timisoara, to ease social interactions and help people connect within our growing local communities. Located in the Orhideea Tower, inside the Hotspot Skyhub co-working space, our office in Bucharest is designed to host events, workshops, and presentations while also being fit for in-office work, having a certain number of hot desks which can be booked through our internally developed Access a Seat app.


Our colleagues in Timisoara have their own space for social interactions or work on the 3rd floor of DevPlant Cowork. Located in a historical building in downtown Timisoara, the co-working space brings other IT professionals and freelancers under the same roof, contributing to a more connected local IT community.


As the role of the office has changed from a place to work to a space where we build communities, we plan to host several external events and, at the same time, organise even more workshops, internal hackathons or events dedicated to our people’s well-being to enable our teams to connect more often and ensure they thrive.