Augment your business with the right cloud partner

Discover how to harness the full potential of a cloud partnership from Accesa's newest white paper.

Augment your business with the right cloud partner

In today's compelling tech environment, a successful cloud strategy can only be led with the steady hands of an expert cloud partner. One that has the guiding knowledge, the skillset and the drive to help your business evolve with velocity and long-term perspective.

According to IDG's 2020 Cloud Computing Study, 38% of enterprises now run most or all of their IT landscape in the cloud, and 59% are getting ready to do the same within the following months. However, when it comes to matching specific business goals with the full cloud potential, company leaders find themselves in quite a predicament.

A cloud partner guides companies into discovering cloud's agility, flexibility and scalability, beyond cost savings and shifting workloads. Furthermore, an expert cloud managed services provider will ensure continuous cloud services optimization, all through the eyes of their clients' specific business needs and goals.

Igor Chernov, Business Line Manager:

"In our cloud migration projects, we focus on maximising our clients' cloud investment, while making sure there are no disruptions to their current operations. With the right mix of tools, capabilities and expertise, our teams have successfully migrated hundreds of critical workloads to, from and within Azure, AWS or Google Cloud environments for over 20 clients."