Around 85% of Our Interns Chose to Grow With Us After Completing Our Latest Internship Programme

After completing our Summer Internship Programme, around 85% of our trainees continued their careers in Accesa.

Around 85% of Our Interns Chose to Grow With Us After Completing Our Latest Internship Programme

Combining theory with practice, our programmes cover a wide range of technologies, from popular ones like Java to emerging one like RPA. Under the guidance of subject-matter experts, our interns are given responsibilities within existing projects or close replicas working alongside senior managers. This summer, around 85% of them choose a career in Accesa.

Aiming to guide IT students and graduates towards a rewarding career in IT while also bridging the gap between the academic curricula and the demands of the IT sector, our internship programme combines tailored technical and non-technical trainings with hands-on experience. As the complexity of the IT industry is growing at a faced pace, in the last 2 years, our internships have become more diverse, each focusing on one technology at a time, as part of multiple simultaneous programmes.

Over 100 trainees enrolled on one of the 7 internships we organised this summer. 75% chose Frontend, Java and Quality Assurance, while a quarter opted for .NET, ServiceNow, Microsoft 365, RPA and ABAP SAP Internships.

During eight intense weeks, they learned to implement project requirements, adopt specific frameworks and technologies, and work in Agile/Scrum teams. Moreover, they worked with Cloud technologies across all the stages of the development process, from setup & configuration, continuous implementation and debugging to project deployment.

At the same time, under the guidance of our mentors, they worked on existing projects or close replicas of them alongside subject-matter experts and senior managers, enabling a safe but practical learning environment. Throughout their journey, they were also introduced to our self-driven technical communities, focused on knowledge sharing, growth and innovation.

"One of our goals was to replicate - as close as possible - the ways of working of our operational team, including regular stakeholders' demo, planning and estimations done within the team. We also aimed to allow interns' creativity to flourish as we encouraged them to implement their ideas in the projects they built. Some projects were truly ambitious, combining innovative approaches we pursue in our technical competence areas, like low-code no-code tools for Data and AI or configurable code execution environments. So, we definitely tested their limits in terms of technical competence and excellence.

However, year after year, the new trainees are better prepared, faster learners, more enthusiastic individuals and more ambitious towards their career goals, which is incredible news for the professional IT landscape.

Taking into consideration current projects' requirements and industry standards, our trainers and mentors devised the most effective learning strategy for an in-depth understanding of technologies’ specifics." Mihai Serban, Java Software Engineer and Java Competence Area Lead

"We split our Frontend Internship into two parts, aiming for step-by-step and in-depth learning of a project's requirements. In the first part, our interns learned the basics of frontend and worked on a Vanilla Software-based project individually, to develop an eCommerce website from scratch. During the second part, our trainees attended Angular/React trainings, where everyone worked in teams of 3 to 4 people to replicate features of a well-known eCommerce Romanian website. We worked in Agile teams, resolving Jira tickets, meeting in daily-stand ups, having pull request (PR) reviews, and Scrum ceremonies. We opted for this strategy because they will most likely work on the same type of project after completing the internship." Andrei Miron, Frontend Technical Lead

"The recipe was quite simple: we gave interns a difficult challenge. We suggested they start with investigating tasks and selecting the proper tools such as protocols, data storage, execution, frameworks and patterns. In the meantime, we had an open pros and cons discussion about the most suitable approach. We ensured everyone understood the solution and the tasks assigned, and we helped them apply best practices through code reviews and peer programming. Our end goal was to broaden their view, prepare them for a job in IT and give them a glimpse of the excitement one feels when the code works." Mihai Serban, Java Software Engineer and Java Competence Area Lead

"Working in a team made me aware of the importance of efficiently communicating with your colleagues. I was also surprised by how helpful my colleagues were, always keen to lend a hand. I learned to manage and prioritise my tasks and realised how much taking notes during the development process helps. Being an intern at Accesa pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me develop many new skills, which I couldn't have gained in such a short time if I hadn't decided to join." Denis Gavrila, Intern Software Engineer in Test

After completing our internship programme, around 85% of our trainees continued their careers in Accesa as full-time developers, testers, or software engineers, contributing to our common vision of using technology to have a meaningful impact on the way we live, work, and do business.