Interview with our newly appointed UiPath MVP, Maria Irimias

If it weren’t for exceptional tech experts who commit each day to skyrocket our clients’ businesses, who put their passion at work and who strive to be advocates of positive change in the digital world, we would most definitely not exist. It is always humbling to see how our professionals reach new milestones in their careers and, subsequently, in their capacity to impact our clients’ day-to-day operations by infusing newly available technologies and custom solutions into their products and services.

Having said that, we are happy to congratulate our RPA Solution Architect, Maria Irimias, for becoming the only Romanian UiPath Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in 2021, from a global list of 62 tech experts spanning 6 continents and over 20 countries. She was nominated last week among the global UiPath MVPs, which is an important recognition of top automation professionals who bring exceptional contributions to the UiPath Community.

This is yet another proof of our strong partnership (there is a reason they call it Gold Partnership) with UiPath. In the past 5 years, our RPA teams have taken it upon themselves to rip the benefits of hyperautomation for clients who wished to increase their operational efficiency with RPA - the non-invasive, fully customizable, game-changing technology that can transform business processes by automating manual, repetitive activities and leaving more room for employees to focus on value-adding tasks.

We asked Maria to share with us a few details about the MVP nomination and how this will translate into the future RPA success stories for our clients. Enjoy the read!

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What does the process of becoming a UiPath MVP look like?

Being recognized as a UiPath MVP is one of the highlights of my amazing journey with RPA. It is not as much about recognition - personal and professional, but about the exposure - the exposure to an entire community, its ideas and perspectives. On the other hand, it is also an opportunity to continue contributing to the UiPath ecosystem.

As it’s mentioned in the UiPath communication: “To become a UiPath MVP, community members must demonstrate strong product expertise and a track record of engagement—whether that’s speaking at events, contributing content, or supporting other developers.” My RPA journey up until now has implied a consistent and complex learning path, both in the interactions with the UiPath community and in hands-on projects for our clients, but especially in 2020 I was eager to spread as much RPA knowledge as possible in webinars and workshops for the DACH market, so the approach of “learning by teaching” has proved indeed valuable for my personal record of engagement in sharing Intelligent Automation know-how. 

What is the impact of such a nomination in your RPA journey?

For me, it's an amazing chance to promote RPA within our local community and bring awareness around the power of intelligent automation for our clients and potential clients. I am eager to connect with people who are driven by the same principles as I am - passion, creativity, and solid technical expertise, enabling us to brainstorm how to best engage and grow the community.

At the same time, being an MVP means that we obtain unique benefits including early access to UiPath’s product roadmap, feedback sessions with UiPath leaders and more, which can only mean a faster learning curve, which then translates into a faster delivery of custom RPA solutions within our teams.

How does this title improve your team’s current projects and way of working?

In the past 3 years, as an RPA team, we have had 200+ success stories – where a robot managed to help a person from doing a repetitive task. I consider this to be the greatest achievement for us and for our clients. We have built robots in HR, logistics, finance, marketing, controlling, sales, reporting and we have seen just how much it counts in terms of efficiency, cost reduction, employee empowerment, technical advancements and more. There is no doubt in my mind that, by pushing the boundaries of automation, we can achieve so much more for businesses, regardless of the industry they perform in.

Moreover, being a UiPath MVP means that we gain access to an amazing supportive global network where the important conversations regarding the RPA market take place. Also, as UiPath partners and MVP nominees, we are first in the line of discovering new UiPath products, even sharing our feedback with the UiPath product teams and being the first ones to bring the latest RPA opportunities into our clients’ projects. So, there is definitely a lot to gain from having our say in the UiPath community. Overall, I believe this only shows, once more, that we are doing a great job with respect to RPA – as a team. I have learned a lot in my journey through RPA and I am here today because of the entire Accesa RPA Team.

Why are you passionate about RPA?

I believe that our lives should be ruled by creativity and not by time-consuming, energy-draining tasks – this is why I was eager to find out more about RPA.  I consider that our energy should be focused on building Software Robots and avoid becoming ones. It is truly an amazing journey and I am looking forward to continuing our automation work as an elite UiPath partner, for unlocking our clients’ business potential in the digital world.

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