Communication is a quintessential component of what makes any organization thrive. Having the means to streamline internal communication so that the entire organizational environment can fully rely on a stable, clear, prominent communication flow is a business prerequisite for long-term continuity and for delivering value. Everyone is impacted by the core discourses, the transparency, the collaboration focus and, of course, the tooling systems companies operate with internally and externally.

Can M365 streamline communication across the company?  

Yes. If you're already using M365 or planning to implement it, you need to know that Microsoft is continuously improving its offering of collaborative platforms and productivity tools.  
This was the solution that we proposed to one of our clients, a leading supplier in the lighting industry who was already in the middle of restructuring its business processes with the aim of establishing a better market position. To put it shortly, the work of approximately 15 000 employees was directly impacted by our M365 stable and smooth migration solution.

Migrating to Microsoft 365

We started the project with the aim of redesigning the communication flow and processes across the client’s internal network. As it was of paramount importance that their new approach had a clear communication structure to be successful, we ensured a very secure and stable migration path. This was a crucial step for the company’s overall efficiency because it directly impacted its day-to-day operations.  

At the same time, the large number of interdependencies between operational departments and structures and a global distribution of stakeholders had to be mapped correctly to include everyone in the revamping process. Therefore, the stable migration database that we used was updated daily and helped to automatically establish the migration areas. From small teams to entire business divisions, each link between stakeholders was carefully taken into consideration and was not split up during the migration. The crucial benefit of doing so was the fact that different infrastructure environments didn’t need as much effort to be kept intact during the migration.  

We opted for a follow-the-sun migration and prior synchronization of all inboxes in the cloud in the background of the migration. This enabled the business units around the globe to move seamlessly to the new, hybrid communications infrastructure - without downtime or interruptions to day-to-day business.

Our results 

In a matter of only 3 months, our client started to reap the advantages of a smooth, modern, upscaled communication infrastructure, optimizing their fundamental business processes. Now, more than 15 000 users have their inboxes fully integrated into the new hybrid environment. Thanks to the great upfront communication with our client, we were able to tailor a solution that fully met their needs and business objectives. 
Following this digital transformation - a migration from a Microsoft Exchange data server to a hybrid environment supported by Microsoft 365 - the customer is now benefiting from significant savings in operating costs as well as a huge increase in company-wide productivity.

Here is what M365 has to offer for your internal communication

Here are the Top 3 M365 advantages that will support you in consolidating internal business communication and processes.   

24/7 data availability 

Data availability is important for any business size and business model.  With the help of the M365 suite, you can store all your data online, on the cloud, and never lose it when unexpected situations happen. The benefit of constant availability offers all departments access to important information no matter their local time or work schedule.  

AI assistance

Even the basic Office Apps such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint now have smart capabilities. The newer versions of these apps are ready to analyze patterns, suggest design ideas, work image recognition, create spreadsheets with online data sources and much more.   

Communication via Teams App 

Teams is the main collaborative tool that makes communication and internal organization easier than ever. Microsoft has lately improved Teams so that all members of the organization can benefit from easy interaction and simplify the data-sharing process. Furthermore, managers can easily share and visualize schedules with the help of integrated email platforms and calendars. 

Final thought 

Future readiness is defined, among others, by the proactiveness and openness with which companies embrace new ways to streamline business and increase operational efficiency. With enhanced functionalities and new integrations, Microsoft 365 is a business solution that can streamline internal business processes and take another step towards the agility everyone needs to stay competitive in today's dynamic market.   

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