Accesa being the digital transformation partner for more than 120 companies, we often get asked what’s trending. Or, sometimes we are required to draft which are the most common challenges our clients have to deal with?

To gather this information in a single doc, we’ve asked 3 of our Retail, Manufacturing, and Financial Services technology SMEs and confronted them with these questions.

Alex Sima, Senior Solution Architect for the Financial Industry thinks that we should look at digital transformation trends from these 3 perspectives: Internal IT Strategy, Operations and Product Strategy, followed by Client Strategies.

With the help of Dr. Claudiu Abrudan, Business Area Manager – Connected Industry in Manufacturing and Gabriel Sobolu, our Business Unit Manager for Retail & Commerce we’ve put together a competitive analysis of the digital transformation journey from an internal IT strategy perspective.

Manufacturing: industry 4.0 with and for people

When a company is going through a digital transformation the biggest challenge isn’t the technology — it’s the people. It’s critical not to underestimate the human factor when Industry 4.0 can enable machines to do most of the physical work.

To stay competitive, manufacturers must commit to investing in technology, building capabilities and being flexible, as well as open to changes.

Retail: customer-centered

Overcoming client satisfaction challenges is a never-ending task in retail. Immediate, easy, client-focused shopping experiences are required.

The consumers expect a seamless brand presence and consistent experiences across multiple devices and channels. This factor influences sales in a way the retail industry has never seen before. The ability to change from brick and mortar stores to digital shops represents the rise and fall for many big retailers.

We think that this industry is one of the most impacted by digital changes. So trends should be constantly observed.

Banking: going to a digital-only paradigm

While most legacy banks now offer online services, the future is all about digital-only banks. Our customers in the banking industry decided to modernise their procedures while keeping their business on the winning side. This translates into future-oriented banking services that are aligned to the way big players in the industry do it.

Banking will be more accessible, more appealing to the youth (Gen Z and Gen Alpha) and powered by customer-oriented digital platforms.

How will these trends impact your business? No matter the industry, your company is surely facing a long way to go – especially if you’ve already started your digital transformation. If you want to get fit for future and to overcome the challenges that come along with all the changes these days, here is how we can help.

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