Some of our colleagues are Spartans.Wait, what?

news / Aug 7, 2019 / 5 min read
Our Spartan colleagues definitely were, at their latest Spartan Race Super competition, held in Brasov this Saturday.

Accesa. Digital evolution, good company

article / Jul 16, 2019 / 3 min read
A big thank you to our Brandient consultants for their hard work and dedication in creating Accesa’s new commercial identity.

Celebrating 15 years: it's still about all of us

article / Jul 10, 2019 / 1 min read
Our 15-year anniversary represented an important milestone in Accesa’s story. We’ve grown into being mature, adaptive, competitive players in the industry. Read more...

Presenting: a way of transforming lists into tools in SharePoint

news / May 17, 2019
We are happy to announce the launch of our first SharePoint App in Office 365 Store: Accesa Process Management.

Java 8, lambda expressions and more

news / May 17, 2019 / 2min min read
Java SE8 is considered to be revolutionary, due to some of the newly introduced features.

Accesa and Java: how we broadened our technological horizons

news / May 17, 2019
Two of my first challenges at Accesa – as a developer with years of expertise in Java – were to build a new team and to work with technologies like EJB or Hibernate in a ...

SharePoint add-on for severity context-aware logging

news / May 17, 2019
At the beginning of the year, from our Digital Workplace Competence Center, we have delivered one of our most complex functional migration solutions so far.

Expanding our presence in Netherlands and strengthening our competences in the Dutch market

article / May 17, 2019
Expanding our presence in the Netherlands and strengthening our competencies in the Dutch market

What comes first, DevOps or Continuous Delivery?

news / May 17, 2019
If you’re thinking to switch to Continuous Delivery and start accelerating your revenue and the productivity of your IT department, request an assessment.

Meet Accesa at SAP Hybris Summit 2016

article / May 17, 2019
The most awaited SAP Hybris event of the year is just around the corner. We’re looking forward to attending the SAP Hybris Summit 2016.

Insights on the visit of the Bavarian economic delegation at Accesa

article / May 17, 2019
With the name “Bayern Meets Cluj”, the official visit was part of a round-table internationalization activity, whose main purpose consisted in identifying new collaborati ...

Can a different approach to sourcing facilitate innovation?

news / May 17, 2019
Trying to summarize hundreds of presentations slides and peer discussions from a Gartner summit is a challenging task but it’s worth trying.

Is your IT estate ready for the digital tsunami?

news / May 17, 2019
Recent system failures (referred to by the media as glitches) are well documented and we’ve seen examples where customers have been unable to withdraw funds or pay bills ...

[Part 2] Quality, Quality Engineering, Quality Control and Quality Assurance

news / May 17, 2019
Producing Quality means that you are performing engineering practices in a manner that is consistent with the role of an engineer.

Leaving Austin: A look back at the Midsize Enterprise Summit West 2016 and The Connected CIO

news / May 17, 2019
Accesa is honored to have participated at the Midsize Enterprise Summit (MES) West 2016 Conference.

[Infographic] The Continuous Delivery move-in: why do it, and how to do it?

article / May 17, 2019
Stay tuned or subscribe to be the first to find out when the second part of the series gets published.

[Part 2] Instant coffee, Performance Testing, and the evolution of the Black Friday queues

article / May 17, 2019
As promised, here is the second article of the series. In the first post, we reviewed 2015 Black Friday and made predictions for 2016, detailed the “what” of performance ...

Robot built from scratch by high-school students rocked at FIRST Tech Challenge

news / May 17, 2019
For innovation to thrive, it needs active support. That’s why, this spring, we’ve offered our support to Transilvania Robotix – a 20-member TechTeam – to build a robot fr ...

MidTech Summit – where IT leaders met innovation leaders

article / May 17, 2019
The summit delivered a mixture of strategic panels from industry thought leaders, targeted research and unparalleled networking opportunities with high profile peers.

[Part 1] Quality, Quality Engineering, Quality Control and Quality Assurance

news / May 17, 2019
The concept of Quality is a strange one. We all believe that we want Quality, but we are mostly unable to define it or explain it clearly. I want to buy Quality, I want t ...

From mindset to culture: key insights to know in your transition to DevOps

news / May 16, 2019
Are you transitioning to DevOps, contemplating to do so, looking to improve your existing DevOps culture or approach, or just fill the gaps between expectations and reali ...

[Diagram Inside] Continuous Delivery for SharePoint Add-Ins

article / May 16, 2019
For software development, continuous delivery is an approach that eliminates waste and removes the traditional long waiting times between implementation and release.

Virtual Assistants – what chatbots can do in the future

news / May 16, 2019 / 2min min read
Virtual Assistants (VA) or Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA) can improve the productivity of business processes considerably.

Accesa – listed in Gartner market guide for Agile providers

news / May 16, 2019
A new report has been released by Gartner featuring Accesa once again: this time is a market guide to help customers select appropriate vendors for their needs.

Accesa listed in 2018 Inc. 5000 Europe with 243% Three-Year Sales Growth

news / May 16, 2019 / 2min min read
Accesa is recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing businesses in Europe.

Accesa made the FT 1000 list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies

news / May 16, 2019
Accesa entered the 2018 edition of the Top 1000 European companies ranked by the highest rapid growth rate of business, according to the British Financial Times.

Accounts Payable 2.0: the Power of Intelligent Process Automation

article / May 16, 2019
In what follows, we’ll explore (an example of) how a classic accounts payable system can undergo a much needed digital transformation through intelligent process automati ...

Time tracking made easy: how to automate data entry

news / May 16, 2019
Businesses in the financial industry are at a crossroads. Either they keep up with the fast pace in which the IT landscape expands, or they get more weighed down by the h ...

RPA Providers & Platforms – and the criteria to choose the right one

news / May 16, 2019
RPA improves workflow productivity, accelerates process execution, reduces process error rates, and improves customer satisfaction.

E-commerce conversion optimization: 3 ways to improve your conversion rate with personalization

news / May 16, 2019 / 3min min read
If you have already been in the e-commerce business for quite a while, or if you are new here but reading this article, you will agree to this sentence.

Accesa opens a second office in Germany

article / May 16, 2019
We are delighted to announce the opening of our second office in Germany – Frankfurt. Over recent years, Accesa has grown rapidly, and the increase has led to the need fo ...

Accesa and UiPath partner to enable business transformation via end-to-end Robotic Process Automation

news / May 16, 2019
As of June 2018, Accesa is an official partner of UiPath – leading enterprise robotic process automation (RPA) software company.

Accesa and OutSystems, partners for fast delivery of enterprise-grade app

news / May 16, 2019 / 6 min read
Accesa and OutSystems sign a partnership agreement to deliver top of the line low-code solutions. A strategic move, this partnership will ensure digital journey accelerat ...

Accesa’s RPA insights as extracted from 2018’s Gennex participation

article / May 16, 2019
On the first week of September 2018, Accesa participated at Gennex, the interactive business conference addressing the challenges of the digital business world in Zurich ...

Enhanced Hybris Commerce Competence: Accesa becomes SAP PE Service Silver Partner

news / May 14, 2019
SAP features various levels of recognition, and with this Silver partnership, we have reached the first level on this path.

Accesa concentrates its business activities under Accesa IT Group GmbH

article / May 14, 2019 / 3 min read
This consolidation process is complemented by the strategic partnership in the financial industry with Audicon GmbH, a company with which Accesa IT Group now shares 10.01 ...

Accesa’s 2018 Year in Review

article / May 14, 2019 / 2 min read
What a year 2018 was! Usually, starting with such a statement really puts some pressure on the story to follow. But trust us, it was a year of building great things toget ...

We succeeded by standing on our own two feet”– an interview with Iulian Iuga for Transilvania Business Magazine

article / May 14, 2019 / 2 min read
At its 15th anniversary Accesa, a Cluj-based Romanian-owned company, that seems to be “a favorite” of Deloitte’s Technology top, has 800 employees in Eastern and Western ...

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