Enhancing Scientific Precision Tailored App Modernisation for High-Tech Lab Equipment

Enhancing Scientific Precision: Tailored App Modernisation for High-Tech Lab Equipment

Solution provider of particle characterisation instruments

Our partner is a leading supplier of high-tech measuring and laboratory equipment for product quality control and the analysis of gases and solids.


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2,000+ employees


2017 - present

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Our client needed a team of IT experts to help them with a full range of services covering the whole product delivery circle. Their application was designed on a deprecated software framework, which led to low performance and an unsatisfying user experience. Due to the software's tangled code, continuous improvements were hard to implement, and additional features could only be done with high risks and costs.

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Our strong tech teams were involved in modernising and developing four different software solutions, allowing the laboratory technicians to efficiently perform and compare measurements through a user-friendly and intuitive interface. We performed code modernisation, code optimisation, and UI/UX implementation.

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The modernised state-of-the-art software solution can now be extended and maintained easily as new feature delivery time is reduced significantly, and code improvements lower the risks of equipment failure. A user-friendly interface enables the lab technicians to navigate smoothly through the application and simplifies the usability of otherwise complex equipment.

Project Overview

We arranged a comprehensive three-day audit workshop in the initial phase, inviting all stakeholders to gain deeper insights into their challenges and ensure we deliver value.  

Structuring the project into four phases focused on modernising code, optimising its performance, and enhancing UI/UX allowed clear objectives and concentrated efforts.  

We strategically planned discovery workshops throughout each phase to outline the application's key features and embraced the hybrid-agile delivery model. This flexibility empowered project and product managers to make well-informed decisions, assessing risks and addressing challenges proactively. 

Aiming to validate our technical approach and ensure alignment with our client's vision, we delivered a clickable prototype and a minimum marketable product (MVP) before starting the implementation. 

Our client's interest in continuing the collaboration for other application modernisation projects shows their satisfaction and willingness to further leverage our team's expertise. 


The application facilitates faster and more accurate measurements, enabling laboratory technicians and researchers to perform their tasks more efficiently. The ability to compare measurements swiftly contributes to quicker decision-making processes, leading to improved productivity.  

The user-friendly and intuitive interface enhances user adoption and increases user satisfaction. Unifying the experience across functionalities consolidates workflows, reducing errors and improving overall efficiency. 

Code modularisation simplifies maintenance for client development and support teams, reducing the effort required for updates or bug fixes. This leads to cost savings and allows resources to be allocated to more strategic tasks.  

Improvements in code quality and modularisation have significantly reduced the time between feature releases from once every two years to once every six months. Faster feature delivery accelerates the application's evolution, allowing the business to respond more quickly to market demands and stay ahead of competitors. 


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