Read how some of our clients benefit from digital transformation.

Project Reporting Process Digitalisation

Cloud application to support the digitalisation and automation of the client's project reporting process.

Accounts Payable Process Automation

Cloud-based, automated invoice processing software solution meant to digitise the time-consuming, error-prone, manual invoice processing ...

Cloud-First Strategy: Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 Migration

On-premises Microsoft Exchange infrastructure migration to a hybrid, Office 365-powered environment.

Performance testing for continuous volume testing

Implementing and documenting a long-term, sustainable approach for performance testing and expanding coverage, in a prioritised manner.

API first integration for enhanced availability and reservation of stocks

Receiving notifications about any possible breaks in the chain of dependence allows companies to act appropriately in order to ensure t ...

OMS integration for increased speed, consistency, and quality

Undergoing the rollout of an integrated OMS, requires complex tasks like infrastructure set up, initial data load, and data migration, a ...

TIBCO integration for enhanced custom OMS continuity

Our specialists managed to build new integration components and extend existing ones, all while following best practices in application ...

Cloud-first strategy: Lync 2013 to Skype for Business Online Migration

Aiming for a seamless switch to the new Skype for Business Online infrastructure using a follow-the-sun migration.

AI-powered claims digitalisation

Future human-computer interaction models inevitably involve virtual characters supporting both enterprises and end users.

AI-powered customer support

Steady business growth is closely linked to optimal, professional customer care, which is one of the many things virtual assistants are ...

AI-powered helpdesk support

Enter Elli-AI, a multichannel, outcome-driven virtual agent that acts as an expert human-like interface to enterprise operational system ...

B2B multi-brand application for seamless shopping experiences

For its complex business model, CBR Fashion needed a single modern application that could offer a seamless shopping experience for all i ...

E-commerce migration to SAP Commerce Cloud (SAP Hybris) for fully customised experiences

Due to the enhanced customer-oriented approach, the new SAP Commerce Cloud platform enables fully customised experiences to clients worl ...

Demand forecasting and replenishment brought to retail

Acting as partners, we collaborated on the implementation of the most viable solution for enhanced cost-effectiveness and future readine ...

Offering relevant insights: pricing platform for top automotive dealership group

The platform offers price recommendations and enables data-driven decision-making within the company, decreasing the time spent by emplo ...

Future-ready order management system for retail group

Securely integrating a new order management system (OMS) platform within the existing digital landscape

SharePoint 2013 to Azure IaaS Migration

Our years of experience working with Azure enabled us to provide our client with solutions regarding the usage of this public cloud opti ...

Asset management with IoT for enhanced efficiency

The platform made a significant contribution to the optimisation and digitisation of our client’s logistics processes.

Enhanced system monitoring implementation on SAP Solution Manager

The implementation optimised reaction time for system issues, due to real-time monitoring compared to a longer workflow in case of user ...

AI for efficient data anonymisation

Surpassing the client’s expectations in terms of precision with a 92% accuracy in 0.3s processing time.

MES customisation: better connectivity of the shop floor

As part of the solution, we have integrated an MES solution with another MES solution for the end customers’ paint lines.

CMS PaaS to Bluemix IaaS Cloud Service Migration

Together with IBM and the client, we worked on an infrastructure architecture perfectly tailored to the client’s business needs.

OMS implementation: increasing speed, consistency, and quality

Starting from an already developed solution, we were required to provide the possibility of extending business and technical functionali ...

Cash allocation process turned efficient via robotic process automation

RPA-powered solution meant to both digitize and automate a manual cash allocation process within the client's shared services centre.

Price management RPA: from Excel to excellence

Robotic process automation applied to an essential part of the price management process within the client's shared services centre.

24/7 Monitoring services for increased stability and security

End-to-end 24/7 Monitoring services for a German lighting manufacturing company.

Seamless SAP migration to Microsoft AZURE

Our teams of certified SAP developers delivered a stable and performant SAP Systems in AZURE, all in a short period of time.

SAP BW on HANA Migration to Google Cloud Platform

For this Google Cloud Migration project, we created a new architecture, which covered the optimisation as drafted in the...

Application redesign for enhanced UX and functionality​

Fast, easy-to-use and fully-functional applications meant to increase productivity and efficiency whilst keeping data secure.

PEGA monitoring for optimized and improved platform management

The PEGA platform includes several applications for the creation and modification of policies as well as the processing of claims.

Empowering digital workplaces: Cisco to Skype for Business migration

With clear targets and goals, Accesa managed, together with the client, to implement in time a future-ready communication platform that ...

Modern workplace strategy: Microsoft Teams for a clean energy provider

The introduction of Microsoft Teams resulted in optimized daily operations, new working methods and integrated existing functions.

AWS OpenShift implementation​ for German holding company

One of the main gains when undergoing such a migration is the business agility that enables a stable business growth path.

Azure DevOps hybrid cloud implementation

By leveraging Azure Cloud’s capabilities, our clients can view in real time the usage, metrics and performance of the application in ord ...

Google Cloud migration for German electronics retailer

With the help of the Google Cloud capabilities, the time needed for scaling up or out, creating new systems, or system decommissioning d ...

Software re-engineering: agile remote teams for enhanced availability success

The result is a powerful software based on the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and the .Net Framework. Since the applica ...

Portfolio management app for a Swiss financial software provider

For this project, we launched a product that improves the process of portfolio management. The collaboration continues with clear contin ...

Centralised stock and pricing platform for efficient data-driven decision-making

In less than three months, we delivered a publicly available, yet secure mobile and API-first application deployed in Google Cloud. With ...

B2B multi-brand application for seamless shopping experiences

Our solid experience in the retail sector, proven by our long-term partnership with other European retailers, allowed us to swiftly adap ...

Project reporting process digitalisation solution

The Office 365-based application designed and developed by us specifically for the client’s project reporting process resulted in increa ...

Project management process: digitally transformed for real-time results

This SharePoint-based application enables the people managing projects to move from pen and paper activities to a fully digital, highly ...

Modernisation of legacy GMS for improved demand forecasting and replenishment

The previous ETL-based solution was very slow, taking 5-10 minutes to place an order and often requiring human intervention. The new sol ...

AI-based defect-detection application for measuring instruments producer

The end-product is a desktop application that allows users to prepare reference data sets of images, relevant for the circuit boards whi ...

Functional Support with a stress- free vibe in retail

By partnering with Accesa, the client benefits from entire knowledge in offering full time support to the users. The 2nd level support s ...

Application Service Management for improved retail marketing strategy

By partnering with Accesa, the client benefits from a stable well-integrated platform with enhanced performance and more resources.

24/7 Application Support for seamless operational processes in retail

Having outlined clear success criteria for the client’s systems, it was easy for the Accesa 24/7 technical support team to identify the ...

Cloud Application Development - Financial Portfolio Management​

The company is a trusted software provider and partner to institutional clients managing sizable investments in unlisted funds, includin ...

Amazon Web Services​ - Custom Software Development

Custom software development of new features for the existing platform using Amazon Web Services, for a European car manufacturer.​

Online Loans Brokerage - System Enhancement

Accesa was employed to achieve the goals of enhancing the system’s scalability whilst making the “local” deployments of the system easy ...

Client On-Boarding System Enhancement for a multinational investment bank

The challenge in enhancing such a complex system is to coordinate with the variety of departments that are dependent on a 100% functiona ...

Data engineering for optimized costs and increased performance in Manufacturing

By partnering with Accesa, the client benefits from a stable and custom solution for his needs that helps the company increase digital s ...

Data Lake Design for efficient data-driven decisions in scientific manufacturing

Due to the implementation of our Data Lake and ETL jobs we have reduced the response time of getting answers to our clients from their d ...

Error detection and prevention with Data Science and tactical algorithms deployment

In the quest to improve the quality of our client’s painting process, we offered tools that quickly identify problematic circumstances a ...

24/7 Monitoring Services for German lighting company

Accesa provided a 24/7 Monitoring team, able to identify potential issues and threats. We assessed impact and worked closely with both I ...

24/7 Support for German manufacturer

Our Monitoring team, with a 24/7 availability, was able to successfully cover the client’s needs with active monitoring, assessment of ...

AI-based defect-detection application for measuring instruments producer

The application opens the door to new opportunities in measurements and quality assurance solutions, that make use of advanced technolog ...

Full software modernization for enhanced digital experience

The resulting product is an enhanced desktop application which allows the laboratory technicians to easily perform and compare measureme ...

End-to-end spectrometer data processing software development

Partnering with Accesa, the company obtained an intuitive, user-friendly, and accurate universal platform application, custom-made for t ...

Product Development for IoT connected devices in the Scientific & Technical Instruments Manufacturing Industry

We are continually working together with our client to help identify business needs in order to improve the functionality, user interfa ...

Product co-creation for web & mobile development in Manufacturing

By partnering with Accesa, the client benefits from a stable and custom solution for his needs that helps the company increase digital s ...

ServiceNow health assessment for accurate and consistent optimization in Banking

Our commitment to having a client-centric approach was a definitory element for the entire collaboration, which transpired into us actin ...

Application Development for streamlined operational processes in Finance

By partnering with us, the client benefits from an optimized and automated process for enhanced operational efficiency and the possibili ...

ServiceNow ITSM solution rollout for Enterprise IT Management

With stable and scalable processes that ensure the administrative support for the company, we achieved better UX and overall usability. ...

End-to-end performance testing for one of the largest European electronics retailers

One of the greatest achievements our client has obtained is the fact that we've rooted our strategic partner’s developers to shift left ...

Migration validation from On-Premise to Google Cloud for better performance metrics in retail

The biggest achievement was migrating the application to the Google Cloud Platform while keeping all its capabilities, without the need ...

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