Thriving On Technical Proficiency - Codrin’s Story of Consistent Growth by Embracing Challenges and Collaboration

Codrin Goia, SAP Commerce Cloud Software Engineer, shares his career story about how he thrives on technical proficiency.

Thriving On Technical Proficiency - Codrin’s Story of Consistent Growth by Embracing Challenges and Collaboration

I write code in a modern environment, following the latest coding best practices and principles. Together with the Technical Lead and client, we then look at the design architecture, runtime efficiency, extensibility for the future – among other things – to figure out how to deal with new feature requests. I jump into conversations with the team, pick up new tips and tricks and share my own, building better and better systems that impact hundreds of thousands of global users.

That's a typical day for me, as a backend developer, working on a large-scale web application for a global e-commerce partner. It’s a massive, complex project, with many other inter-dependent systems and handling it wouldn’t be possible without maintaining very high technical standards, a sound understanding of our client’s business, and strong collaboration within the team. We put a lot of effort into ensuring our code is clean, that we follow clear design patterns, and that the decisions we make consider the long-term stability of our system.

For the user, it’s a seamless experience on a modern website, with a friendly interface and a frictionless payment system. Quite simple and easy to work with. For us, looking under the hood, it’s a complex ecosystem that includes a content management system, a promotion engine, order return mechanisms, multiple payment methods of various providers all over the world, search engine optimisation, analytics, and much more.

The project is built on the SAP Commerce Platform, which is, in essence, a vast Java 11 Spring web application mixed with other technologies such as Solr and Hazelcast. With so many different systems operating simultaneously, impacting such a high number of users and our client running in a highly competitive market, falling behind in technology is not an option.

I love the project, as it keeps me on my toes every day, and I’m grateful to be part of such an experienced team of professionals that understands that success requires a team effort. Ensuring that we share information and help each other improve our technical proficiency across the team is just as important as maintaining a clean and structured architecture.

I joined the team and Accesa over four years ago, following a friend’s recommendations, and now we’re working together on the same project. Back then, every new ticket was the biggest challenge yet.

I found a general growth mindset in the company and especially in my team, which I adopted very quickly and discovered that once you begin to investigate the problem, discuss it with colleagues, test approaches, the problem is solvable. I look back every time and realise how much you can evolve professionally and technically when you step by step, are part of an organised environment, and have teammates ready to help.

No matter how challenging the project gets – and it can get pretty challenging – we know the team is equipped with the technical skills and solution-oriented mindset to handle every single one of them.

Over time, we’ve earned our client’s trust by maintaining a high standard in delivery. I have the freedom to decide how I do my work unchecked, with the benefit of having the guidance of Senior Technical Leads whenever needed. I don’t need to go through long approval processes when I find room for improvement. I can drive the modification myself. This makes me feel part of the journey and ensures the long-term health of our project.

What I appreciate the most is the robust collaboration and relationship within the team and with our client. The company’s culture and commitment to helping our client’s business evolve are reflected in how we work as a team. We have the freedom to come up with new ideas, are part of an environment where we grow rapidly but consistently, and work on an impactful project that requires me to become a better developer with each task. I feel it’s a beautiful environment, and being trusted by my team and our client gives me a strong sense of belonging.