Thriving on Technical Proficiency – Ana-Maria's Perspective On Becoming a Better Software Developer by Embracing Continuous Learning

Ana-Maria Satmar, Software Developer, shares her perspective on becoming a better software developer by embracing continuous learning.

Thriving on Technical Proficiency – Ana-Maria's Perspective On Becoming a Better Software Developer by Embracing Continuous Learning

6 years ago, I joined Accesa as a .NET Software Developer after completing a 2-month internship. For me, Accesa feels like my second family, a safe space where I’m empowered to take responsibility for my professional development and encouraged to do my work from anywhere, and when I feel the most productive.

If I could describe my Accesa experience in three words, it would be growth, freedom, and fulfilment. Switching projects opened new growth opportunities for my self-driven career as a fullstack developer. In the past 5 years, I've worked on a desktop application for a market leader in the field of automated SAP documentation. Starting last year, I've been contributing to the development of their complex and versatile web application with C# and Angular, which helps employees efficiently manage significant data volumes and increase collaboration within departments.

By joining technical conferences, reading articles, and taking online courses, I’m continuously exposed to new learning contexts, which enables me to keep up to date with the rapid changes in SAP. One of the international professionals I look up to is Maximilian Schwarzmüller, a self-taught developer who gained popularity through his engaging Angular and React courses. His tutorials and blog posts help me understand concepts more in-depth and apply them easily. I’m also grateful for my colleagues who guided me at the beginning of my career and from whom I still have things to learn.

Over the years, the structure of our team has changed many times, but we always trust each other to do our best and we’re proud of what we accomplish together. Within our team, we are each accountable for our areas as subject-matter experts, and for most of the time we work individually. Having a flexible workplace policy, improved our team dynamics and eased my interactions with colleagues working in other cities across Romania.

I really love those moments when we get together in the office for a brainstorming session or to discuss the pros & cons of developing a feature that might affect the whole project. One day at the office, once in a while, energises me and helps me connect with my team on a more personal level. Socialising over a cup of coffee at the office or one of the unconventional meeting places recently launched through the Accesa Coffee Shop initiative, boosts my mood and makes me feel part of the community.

Our flexible workspace setup gives me the freedom to do my work from anywhere, and during hours I find most productive, as long as I meet clients' deadlines and achieve the expected results. I’m a morning person, and by working from home, I get an earlier start, saving the time which I would have normally spent on a commute. Last summer, I became a digital nomad with my "home office" being in Portugal. Starting my day with a beach workout or soaking up the sun in the afternoon was heaven on earth for me, not to mention the delicious food I tried.

In spite of all the challenges we faced as a team working with SAP – a technology constantly reinventing its solutions portfolio - and adapting to a hybrid work environment, I believe that by being open to change, challenges and by building trust in our teams and with our clients, we can accomplish great results together.

Accesa’s flexible approach to the workplace allows me to tailor my work-life balance and enables me to work with creative problem solvers in other locations, and I feel that, together, we will continue to have a strong impact.