Thriving On People - Bogdan's Perspective On How Meeting the Right People Helps You Grow and Enjoy a Rewarding Career

Bogdan Neag, ABAP Software Engineer, shares his perspective on how meeting right people helps you grow and enjoy a rewarding career.

Thriving On People - Bogdan's Perspective On How Meeting the Right People Helps You Grow and Enjoy a Rewarding Career

Accesa is not just a place where I work. I feel that I belong here to a group of friends who constantly strive to do their job at the highest industry standards. As an SAP engineer at the beginning of his career, I'm grateful to be surrounded by people who are genuinely interested in helping me evolve and improve my technical skills, sharing their knowledge and guiding me throughout my journey.

I joined Accesa 3 years ago after completing a two-month internship. As a fresh graduate of Engineering Studies in Automation and Applied Informatics, I was in pursuit of the right career path, one that aligns with my skills and passions. Thanks to the trainers and mentors I met in Accesa, I realised that the SAP technology suited me the best and sparked my interest to start building a career.

What I like the most is that in Accesa, we look at learning as a lifelong journey and a shared responsibility. At the beginning of each year, together with my direct manager and team leader, we review key areas in my professional journey. We go through how I have grown in, what I can improve, new skills I can develop, and plan my learning journey for the year ahead. This June, I was given a fantastic opportunity to join the Hack2Build event organised by SAP. As part of a team, I designed, built, and pitched a working prototype leveraging SAP technologies to develop a custom solution that enables employees to receive and sign a teleworking contract using a third-party platform. This use case granted us the 1st Runner-up Award.

Aside from my managers, who are always there for me with advice and constructive feedback, my colleagues also support me by sharing their knowledge and hands-on experience. We trust each other and have mutual respect, and we're very close on a personal level too. Each of us is a subject-matter expert enabling us, as a team, to find quick solutions to various requirements we receive from our clients. For example, last year, one of our clients requested a custom-made application built from scratch in only two weeks. Developing, testing, and providing technical documentation in such a short timeframe challenged me; still, with the support of my team, I managed to deliver the app and add another happy client to our portfolio.

Currently, I develop custom applications using SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori, the latest in the series of SAP development technologies, for a consultancy company. Also, I provide support and develop various Cloud integration flows, adding in this way value to their business by ensuring the app's stability and impacting the entire end-user journey. Working closely with our clients to meet their customers' needs helps me put things into perspective and understand diverse cultures and ways of thinking. But what really motivates me is the feeling that I'm helping companies worldwide organise and plan their businesses while creating a better work environment for their employees. Being part of Accesa’s community feels like contributing to something great, and I am fortunate to walk this path along with my colleagues.