Thriving On Impact – Tudor's Take on Collaboration and the Freedom to Experiment Together

Tudor Trisca, Head of Service Delivery, shares his career story about his take on collaboration and the freedom to experiment together.

Thriving On Impact – Tudor's Take on Collaboration and the Freedom to Experiment Together

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment I knew Accesa was the right choice for me, as this was an accumulation of experiences, built up little by little each day. The lessons I’ve learned along the way have shaped my beliefs and way of working, so I always bring passion, curiosity, and ambition to the table. I believe these values are the ones that will help us grow both as a team, and as a company.

I also apply them to the way we interact with our clients, meaning that we are always all-in, dedicated to shaping the best custom solutions. Whether it’s the retail, automotive or manufacturing industry, I always aim to understand the client’s ecosystem and how we can impact their work.

I think the biggest challenge I encountered was a few years ago, when one of my most important clients delivered bad news on a weekly basis for almost 6 months because they were struggling in the market. I was the dark messenger at the time, passing on the updates to the team and I must admit the morale was low. It was a double challenge – keeping our colleagues engaged on the project while doing the best we could for the client. We stood by them through thick and thin and helped them get back on track. This impacted both me and the company in a significant way, but with the help of my team and other colleagues from Accesa we pivoted the impacted areas and managed to overcome the difficult times.

My strongest motivator is seeing the impact of our work and how it makes a difference in our clients’ businesses. One thing that I have learned so far is that business is made between people, not organisations, and the stronger the partnership we build with our clients, the smoother our projects will be. This is the most valuable insight that I share with my team, which helps me build a strong community of IT professionals, not only in Accesa, but also on the Cluj market.

For me, Accesa means empowerment: if you have an idea and want to implement it, you will find a lot of support from both colleagues and the company. A few years ago, I was a Competence Center Coordinator and together with my colleagues we identified the need for a consultancy mindset and approach within the company. This is how the idea of IT Consultants Academy was born, a project aiming to bridge the gap between strong technical skills and the consultancy-driven approach that enables us to build long-term, rewarding partnerships with our clients. It was a great team effort and I feel lucky to have been one of the project’s pioneers.

My journey in Accesa started more than 5 years ago and I still remember the support Rares - my direct manager at that time – gave me, also showing me that my opinion matters, and that decision-making is not a top-down process, but a team exercise. I really love my team and I admire them for their ambition and drive they bring to our work. This enables and inspires me to give my best every day. I believe they are the biggest contributors to my professional development, by providing me with constant feedback. I think it’s these little things, the likeminded people and freedom to experiment that make the Accesa experience very special to me.