Thriving On Impact - Jair’s Perspective On Using His Skills to Drive Business Value for Our Clients and Help His Team Become Better Professionals

Jair Fufezan, Java Technical Lead, shares his story of using his skills to drive business value for our clients and help his team become better professionals.

Thriving On Impact - Jair’s Perspective On Using His Skills to Drive Business Value for Our Clients and Help His Team Become Better Professionals

No two days are alike for me as I’m constantly exposed to new experiences and challenges since I joined Accesa almost 6 years ago. Aside from keeping me on my toes, I find it’s a great way to expand my technical expertise, guide my team towards better results, and bring value to our clients’ businesses.

I started my journey in Accesa as a Mid-Senior Java Software Engineer, and after two years, I was given the opportunity to take on a Technical Lead role. Since then, I’ve been working with teams to improve users’ digital experience and drive business growth for our clients operating in the FMCG industry.

For the past year, I’ve been leading the technical team responsible for developing the backend of a mobile app used by thousands of clients for orders and pre-orders of healthy and sustainable food.

As a heavy user of apps, I’m always searching for the best solution that could improve the customer experience in terms of the app’s responsiveness and performance.

Adding new features or working with my team to improve app functionalities is one of the most rewarding parts of my job, as I feel I have a meaningful impact.

By adopting a consultancy-first approach, we help our clients keep up with digital trends without increasing the complexity of the user interface, and deliver a seamless experience to their customers around Europe.

Our team nurtures a positive and supportive culture where everyone is encouraged to contribute and take ownership of their work.

What stands behind our ability to work well together is our focus on open communication and strong work ethic with an emphasis on accountability, responsibility, and willingness to help each other. I genuinely believe that we, as colleagues, can all impact our professional development; you always have something new to learn from one another.

For example, my former Team Lead, Vasile, taught me to never give up no matter how complex the challenge is and always be solution-oriented and straightforward with the clients when things don’t turn out as well as expected. He encouraged me to explore other areas, such as DevOps, a skill I now use to understand a project in detail or guide my team towards the best solution. Sometimes, I temporarily cover the DevOps Engineer role when an unplanned need arises within the project.

I like to be connected to our community and get involved in other initiatives that go beyond my role.

In the last years, I lent a hand in co-coordinating our Cloud area or delivered GCP Developer internal trainings on the versatility of the Kubernetes system, used to run both small applications or huge workloads with several servers and thousands of services.

This year, I worked on a Proof of Concept (PoC) with colleagues who are subject matter experts in other technologies. I’ve recently taken on some responsibilities in the Presales area, helping my colleagues plan activities, estimate budgets, and evaluate a project's feasibility.

Sometimes, it can be a lot to manage, but I’ve become a master at prioritising, and as long as I love what I do, nothing can stop me from finding the time for new learning experiences.

Looking back, I’m grateful for my decision to join the Accesa team, an experience which can be summed up to these three words: versatile - meaning you can work on different projects and be exposed to a diversity of industries, client sizes and markets, impactful – you are involved in developing business-wise technical solutions and rewarding – which for me means loving what I do, I doing what I love.