Thriving on Genuine Connections – Raimond's Perspective On Becoming a Leader by Continuously Learning From His Team

Raimond Pintilie, RSA Archer Project Delivery Lead, shares his story about becoming a leader by continuously learning from his team.

Thriving on Genuine Connections – Raimond's Perspective On Becoming a Leader by Continuously Learning From His Team

Each day can become your best if you genuinely like what you do. And I love what I do. Building a team of RSA Archer consultants from scratch and having the privilege to guide them through their careers is one of my biggest professional challenges and why I joined Accesa & RaRo two years ago.

I met Andrea and Adina on a cosy autumn afternoon, and even though their plan of creating a team of consultants working on a niche technology for strictly regulated industries was ambitious, I accepted their proposal without hesitation. That familiar feeling I felt from the first encounter, and the massive support I received from them, and the client, followed me throughout my journey in Accesa & RaRo. Now, I'm leading my team of five RSA Archer consultants with a people-oriented mindset, planning to double its size by the end of the year.

Having no previous background in a leadership role was not something to pull me away; instead, I embraced the challenge by putting in a lot of hard work and creativity and trusting my gut feeling to make the right decisions in key moments. The lessons learned from my past experiences as an RSA & SAP Consultant also helped me succeed in my new role.

I'm grateful for the people in my team who contributed significantly to my professional and personal development. They all have their own personalities and life experiences, but that's the beauty of having a team where different characters meet; we all learn from one another and evolve into better versions of ourselves.

Our success comes from the team's engagement and the passion we put into the work, helping our client, one of the top 3 largest banks in Germany, increase their operational efficiency and manage governance, risk, and compliance from a holistic viewpoint. Being responsible for the implementation and integration of an RSA Archer GRC platform across the organisation also means that we are enabling our client to set up and maintain their regulatory processes as required by the law.

We work closely with the client, especially when we develop new features or modules from scratch, always providing them with consultancy regarding the best technical solution that can be implemented. I don't see our client as a typical one. With four external consultants from the client's side, we formed a mixed team where flexibility, open-mindedness and mutual respect are at the foundation of our relationship. We all trust each other and work together towards achieving the same goals. I'm confident that together we can address the complexities of the Financial sector and continue to use technology in a meaningful way that positively impacts the workload of financial clerks and reduces the time they need to invest in repetitive tasks. I'm thankful for this adventurous, challenging, and unique experience I embarked on two years ago on an inspiring autumn afternoon.