Thriving On Genuine Connections – Maria's Journey from Solution Architect to Service Delivery Manager for RPA

Maria Irimias, Service Delivery Manager, shares her journey in Accesa from Solution Architect to Service Delivery Manager.

Thriving On Genuine Connections – Maria's Journey from Solution Architect to Service Delivery Manager for RPA

They say successful people have a solution-oriented mindset; I've never seen things from this perspective. For me, having a solution to every technical or human challenge my team goes through gives me a feeling of accomplishment and brings me joy at the end of my workday. I joined Accesa three years ago and I still have the feeling that I'm on an adventure.

Switching careers from .NET Technical Lead to Solution Architect to RPA and taking on the responsibility of building a strong community of RPA experts in Accesa as a Service Delivery Manager, seems to have been the right decision back then, even though I was going through a lot of changes as a mom of two kids. I felt a genuine connection with Sorin from the first interview, as we shared the same value - transparency, which I cherish the most in building relationships with my team and our clients.

A year and a half later, Gabi entrusted me with re-building the automation start-up area in Accesa, which was experiencing some troubled times, as the area manager role had been left vacant. Inspired by Gabi's vision and strategic mindset of using technology to have a meaningful impact, I've embraced my career's biggest challenge step by step. I have an agile approach and keep an open mind. I focus on acquiring knowledge and improving our expertise, setting best practices across our entire competence area.

Here at Accesa, we look at learning as a lifelong journey, a shared responsibility between the organisation and us, and being an expert in an emerging field such as RPA, challenges us to stay up to date with trends, remain curious, roll up our sleeves and make things happen. It’s one of the things I confess I love about my team, their drive to be pioneers in this technology. They never complain about the lack of use cases and technical limitations; instead, they use their creative and adaptive problem-solving skills and try to understand the business to find the best process automation solution.

We all work together to accomplish the same goal, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to lead their way and be their mentor, as Gabi, Rares and Adina are for me. Being acknowledged for the second consecutive year as one of UiPath's Most Valuable Professionals allows me to access an exclusive global network of experts and resources to shape and scale our RPA community of 40 RPA consultants and project managers. We deployed 250 automations for 15 clients across various industries in the last four years, from Finance & Banking, Manufacturing and Automotive to Agriculture and Healthcare.

As the adoption of RPA will increase even more rapidly, I feel responsible to grow my community and provide effective leadership, helping our clients embrace the future of the digital workforce and gain a competitive edge over in their industries. At Accesa, we thrive on genuine connections; this enables and inspires me to do my best for my team, project, and clients.