Thriving On Genuine Connections – Adrian's Story On Building Trust and Guiding His Team Towards Professional Growth

Adrian Turcus, Head of Service Delivery, shares his story about how he has been building trust within his team.

Thriving On Genuine Connections – Adrian's Story On Building Trust and Guiding His Team Towards Professional Growth

Every day is the best day when you work with people you trust. 8 years have passed since I joined Accesa, and one constant has been building trust within my team. When you trust each other, you can address challenges and solve problems quickly and in a practical way, which positively impacts team engagement and productivity. I always make time for one-on-one meetings, encourage honest conversations and guide my colleagues towards a rewarding career where growth, flexibility and work-life balance are prioritised.

I started as a Team Leader and Competence Center Coordinator; currently, I'm responsible for 35 people and the businesses of two of our top clients as the Head of Service Delivery for the Application Support Services. It feels like I've always been managing people as I've been in the "people business" for a decade.

Managing people is not about knowing or applying what you've read in a book, instead it is about learning through practice, listening to understand, and tuning into your colleagues' needs and expectations. The most rewarding part of managing people is witnessing growth and progress at both an individual and organisational levels. I’ve never tried to hold onto a colleague who had outgrown his role; instead, I supported him to find new learning opportunities or move to a position within the company that was more suited for the stage of their career that they were in.

Being a force for good for someone is a value I learned in high school when I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity. Those years shaped me into who I am today, and I'm grateful for the people I met back then, who taught me the importance of giving back to the community, being a team player and embracing cultural diversity. Thanks to volunteering, I got an interest in English and German languages too, a skill that I refined over the years, now an asset in building solid relationships with our clients.

Together with my team, we help our clients' businesses evolve by providing Domino administration, as well as functional and technical IT support for some of their applications. 90% of my team speaks German and has excellent technical competencies, earning our client's trust and respect.

We’ve been through several challenges in these 8 years, and I'm sure they'll be many more to come. But I'm confident that together with my team, we can navigate them so long as we continue to be transparent with each other and we care for our people, solutions and their impact.