Accesa becomes part of the Ratiodata Group, a key brand in the Volksbank and Raiffeisen Bank IT delivery structure

Joining forces to cover the complete digital evolution journey of its customers, from hardware to software and managed services solutions, Accesa and RatioData plan to increase their local headcount by around 400 IT professionals in the next 3 years.

Accesa becomes part of the Ratiodata Group, a key brand in the Volksbank and Raiffeisen Bank IT delivery structure

Joining forces to cover the complete digital evolution journey of its customers, from hardware to software and managed services solutions, and increase its headcount by around 400 IT professionals in the next 3 years

Combining Accesa's 16 years of experience in delivering leading digital services with Ratiodata's more than 45 years of experience in decentralised IT and self-service, as well as digitalisation solutions, through this acquisition, The Ratiodata Group enhances its capabilities to support customers' end-to-end digital evolution journeys. A key brand in the Volksbank & Raiffeisenbank IT delivery structure, Ratiodata has a successful track-record of providing tailored solutions for highly-regulated industries like Banking and financial services providers.

The two companies have enjoyed a strong, long-term collaboration over the past four years, with Accesa supporting Radiodata's own digitalisation strategy and the development of robust solutions that provide an enhanced customer experience. Through applications like Rollout or HelpMe, Accesa has designed, developed, and deployed smart automation solutions that will impact hundreds of thousands of workplaces in Germany, delivering on Ratiodata's customer-oriented, mobile-first principle.

"Further developing our partnership with Accesa, earlier this year we launched RARo, a joint venture that bundles our competencies to accelerate business evolution in highly regulated markets like Banking, Insurance and Healthcare.

We are now excited to welcome Accesa and its talented professionals within the Ratiodata Group, strengthening our capabilities to deliver complete digital evolution journeys for major brands in both regulated and non-regulated markets; covering hardware, engineering, as well as software development and managed services solutions across the DACH region." ~ Martin Greiwe, Board Spokesman Ratiodata

While it joins its sister-company RARo as part of the Ratiodata Group, both the Accesa name and brand will continue to evolve. Under the leadership of an upcoming, shared Romanian - German management team, the two companies will follow a clear guiding principle for both existing and new business, effectively responding to a wide array of regulatory needs across multiple industries. RARo will engage with companies in regulated industries and Accesa in non-regulated ones, providing the same complete digital evolution services for their clients through a right mix of on-site & remote service delivery capabilities and rewarding career opportunities for their people.

"The compatibility between our delivery standards, as well as company cultures, has been obvious throughout the entire collaboration between Accesa and Ratiodata. Nurturing a people-oriented mindset, as well as sharing common values like transparency, a high degree of professionalism and genuine care for people, solutions and our impact, we look forward to this new phase of Accesa's evolution, harnessing the full breath of our capabilities to deliver value for the entire Ratiodata Group and all the people we engage with." ~ Cristina Puiu, Chief People Officer, Accesa

Continuing its growth trend, over the next 3 years, the Ratiodata Group aims to hire around 400 additional IT professionals, covering a wide range of roles; including risk specialists, engineers with experience in key technologies, as well as professionals with strong analytical and German-language skills in Romania.

"In Accesa, we believe in problem-solving through technology and leverage both emerging and legacy technologies to support the evolution of our client's businesses. At the same time, this provides our engineers with the opportunity to act as consultants, leveraging the full scope of their technical experience to have a real, measurable impact through their work. We will continue to support our customer's technology stacks, as well as respond to the increasing demand we're seeing in both core areas like Java, .NET, Web Technologies, Cloud, Microsoft 365, and niche ones like AI, RPA and RSA Archer. We're confident that this will enable us to deliver the top-of-the-line solutions that help our partner's businesses evolve and the professional development opportunities that ensure our people thrive." ~ Marius Florea, Co-CEO, Managed Services


Part of the Ratiodata Group, Accesa is a leading technology company headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, with offices in Zurich, Oradea and Munich. Over the past 16 years, the company has been establishing itself as an employer of choice for IT professionals who are passionate about problem-solving through technology and want to have a measurable impact through their work.

A trusted partner for major brands in Retail, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, and Automotive, Accesa helps businesses embrace flexibility, adaptability and evolution within their digital journey, through a large spectrum of tailored IT services, leveraging mainstream, niche, as well as legacy technologies. With more than 700 IT professionals in its 20+ competence centres, Accesa is building a distinctive people-first culture that enables their people to thrive, their clients' business to evolve and end users to succeed.


Founded in 2020, as a joint venture between the IT systems house Ratiodata GmbH and leading technology company Accesa, RaRo is a fast-growing IT services company that has quickly earned the trust of global brands in highly regulated industries, such as Insurance and Banking.

Through a comprehensive portfolio of consulting, development, testing, as well as IT operational support and managed services solutions, RaRo helps businesses embrace flexibility, adaptability, and evolution within their digital journey.


Ratiodata AG is one of the largest system houses and service providers for banking technology and document digitalisation in Germany with around 1,400 employees at 14 locations and branch offices nationwide and a turnover of almost € 300 million. Since 2018, our subsidiary Ratiodata Luxembourg S.à r.l. is located in Luxembourg. Ratiodata Accesa Romania S.r.l. (RARo) based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, was founded in 2020 with the IT service provider Accesa IT-Group GmbH as a joint venture. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fiducia & GAD IT AG, we are the system house partner of the Cooperative Financial Network of the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken. In addition, we are partners for savings banks, other banking groups, financial service companies and specialized in medium-sized and large companies in regulated or IT-intensive industries.

Here, our offer is divided into the following fields: IT and services, Network and security, Communications and collaboration, Banking technology and services, Scanning and documents services. In the banking-self-service segment, we are the market leader for manufacturer-independent services and dealers for equipment and spare parts.