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Elevate Legacy Systems into Future-Ready Platforms

Why Modernise?

In an age where technical debt is more than a number, Gartner research forecasts by 2025, 40% of IT budgets will be consumed by legacy system upkeep.

Our service transforms your manufacturing systems to boost efficiency, strengthen security, and enhance adaptability, setting you up for sustained success. With these changes, your operations become more responsive and efficient, ready to meet future demands.


Discovery & Assessment

Begin your modernisation journey with a comprehensive analysis of your current systems. Our expert team evaluates your application architecture and business processes, identifying key areas for enhancement and aligning modernisation efforts with your strategic goals. Key activities may involve workshops, discussions, audits, and analysis.

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Transform your applications with our redesign services. We focus on updating architecture, enhancing functionality, and ensuring scalability to meet your evolving business needs. Our approach is tailored to optimise performance and user experience.

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Experience your modernised applications before full-scale development. Our prototyping process provides a preliminary model to test functionality, usability, and performance, enabling you to make informed decisions and minimize risks.

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Our development process involves creating, testing, and deploying new or improved code, ensuring that your applications are modern, efficient, and aligned with your business requirements. We focus on delivering a solution that meets your specific needs.

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Operations & Support

Post-deployment, benefit from our ongoing support and operational expertise. We ensure that your modernised systems are consistently performing at their best, adapting to evolving business needs and providing reliable, uninterrupted operations.

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Continuous Evolution

Stay ahead in a rapidly changing manufacturing landscape with our commitment to continuous evolution, ensuring your applications never fall behind and always contribute to your competitive edge.

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Video App Modernisation

Streamlining the Sales Process in Manufacturing with App Modernisation

We helped our partner by rebuilding from scratch the software they used in the sales flow for industrial machinery.

Enhancing Scientific Precision: Tailored App Modernisation for High-Tech Lab Equipment

Our team helped modernise and develop four different software solutions for a particle characterisation instruments solution provider.

Increasing efficiency on the production line with Big Data & Analytics

We leveraged Big Data & Analytics to identify areas of improvement on the production line for a top woodworking company to increase efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I experience downtime during the modernisation process?
How will modernisation impact my operational efficiency?
How does application modernisation integrate with my existing system?
What ISO certifications does Accesa have?
What technologies are leveraged in the modernisation process?
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Modernisation is a complex affair

We've prepared a whitepaper to provide a comprehensive guide for manufacturing managers embarking on application modernisation projects.




In Accesa we found a reliable agile partner capable of helping us deliver competitive paint shop solutions to our customers which will accelerate transparency in their production. Together with Accesa’s team, we worked on improving the overall equipment efficiency, by detection and visualization of potentially unfavorable factory conditions. On the collaboration side, Accesa’s flexibility, technical expertise, and fast ramp-up time stand as the collaboration ingredients we value the most.

Markus Hummel | Senior Manager

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