Client story hero - Creating a Unified Experience trough Data Provider Migration

Creating a Unified Experience trough Data Provider Migration

Large European bank

A major European Bank with establishments in more than 10 countries, that provides services not only for private individuals but also established financial institutions.


  • Finance


  • Custom Product Development
  • Application Modernisation

Company Size

30.000+ employees


2020 - present

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The partner aimed to offer better corporate client consultancy and required a data provider which could provide accurate information to help them identify the most suitable product for each client. The new solution needed better scalability and flexibility to ensure support for their clients.

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Our team performed the migration to the new data provider and implemented a dynamic funnel to address the challenge. Additionally, they created a unified product portfolio for the partner’s consortium that included all the products from the 8 companies in the association to improve the client’s user experience.

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The new data provider, dynamic funnel, and unified marketplace simplified the process of lead nurturing and matching corporate clients with the most suited product. Moreover, the consortium could better coordinate and collaborate to provide a unified experience to their various clients.

Project Overview

Working in close collaboration with the many stakeholders involved and through a consultative approach, the Accesa team migrated to the new data provider and implemented a configurable dynamic funnel.

Next, the autonomous team created a unified product portfolio, gathering the products of all 8 companies in the consortium on the same platform. This way, corporate clients interested in financial services and products no longer needed to search on separate platforms for the perfect match. Afterwards, they developed a marketplace to enable further collaboration between individual members of the consortium.


With the new data provider created by our team, the company has timely access to accurate data and can offer better consultancy without the need to filter information manually, optimizing the sales process and offering an overall better experience to both employees and clients.

Moreover, the marketplace, created to allow closer collaboration within the consortium, helps both service providers and their clients position themselves better and make meaningful connections with potential partners.





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