Upgrading, reconfiguring or migrating an existing SAP ecosystem

All major companies are evolving towards a better process efficiency with SAP. As companies diversify their needs, the SAP environment must keep up the development pace.

As an SAP partner with years of experience, we have developed a series of SAP-related services that empower organizations to enhance your business processes.

SAP consultancy

Having a great foundation is a must for any digital project. That is why we want to make sure that your existing system can integrate the changes that your organisation envisions.

Before undergoing an SAP overhaul, our certified SAP consultants identify your business needs.

This approach enables us to optimise your system infrastructure accordingly. We make sure that your SAP systems are in line with the newest technological requirements.

With proper and timely implementation consultancy, we enable your digital platforms to be operated with optimal resources and enhanced performance.

SAP implementation and interface design

Ensure real-time, asynchronous communication and data exchange between your whole digital system environment and an SAP integration platform.

As an SAP-certified partner, we offer expertise throughout the whole SAP integration process.

Our teams of integration specialists can model the optimal data flow, having performance, reliability, and efficiency in mind.

Having in mind an optimal application workflow, we want to make sure that all the prerequisites are put in place properly. We also make sure that all the applications in your heterogeneous environment are in sync.

When considering the best approach to integrating your SAP solution, we advise decisions based on your business needs with a positive long- and mid-term business impact. In this context, our team of UX and UI designers can remodel an optimized interface, making them able to better respond to your users’ requirements.

SAP system upgrade and module integration

Depending on the industry you are active on, the needs evolve, and so does the number of functional and technical modules. As a modular solution, SAP provides a multitude of comprehensive modules able to cover the main requirements that your organisation may have.

Our aim is to meet your business challenges and to let you and your team focus on running your business, not on complicated technical problems.

Using the data collected in the consultancy period, we ensure a seamless upgrade, module integration or migration.

SAP custom development

SAP’s list of functional and technical modules covers almost entirely the needs identified by organisations no matter the industry.

Even so, in the case in which a certain module requires customisations, or your company needs a certain integration that is not yet available in the SAP ecosystem, our ABAP and Java programmers can create custom solutions that would respond to your requirements.

SAP migration: lift and shift, cloud or HANA

Many companies have included SAP migration in their digital strategy. Our experience in the field of SAP migration made us better understand the risks, as well as the advantages that come with such a migration.


A correct SAP migration can:

Enable the organization to manage more effective large amounts of data

Ensure enhanced system scalability and flexibility

Allow better analytics of the processes and the stored data

For more information on the topic, also read our SAP migration offering.

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