Trending now: SAP S/4 HANA and Cloud Migration

The need for SAP migration is no longer disputed. Businesses are now discussing in terms of when, how, and how much resources to migrate.

If you have an in-house SAP solution, moving to Cloud is the strategic step to bring you the competitive advantages your company needs.

Due to the complexity of the SAP ecosystem, a successful migration, even with the support from SAP and the cloud providers, can be tricky to achieve.

Our experience enables us to drive the migration process and ensure a seamless SAP landscape transformation for all lines of business.

We handle all the steps of this complex endeavour, starting with project assessment and preparation, up to migrating, configuring, testing, and then managing your SAP systems.

Why doing an SAP migration with Accesa?

Experience in complex migrations
With several migration projects undergone so far, we have the knowledge on how to manage all the aspects of different types of Cloud Migration Projects for large and complex SAP landscapes.

SAP Migration/HANA certified professionals
Our Migration Consultants are SAP-certified to perform migrations, install, operate and optimize HANA Databases.

Optimization is achieved by redesigning the technical architecture of the system in a way that increases the system performance and reduces the operational costs.

End-to-end solutions
Our Migration Project covers all phases from Service Design to Service Operation and Continuous Improvement.

SAP migration with Accesa, a five-step approach

We have developed a 5-step approach that increases the efficiency of the SAP migration process. While the approach is made to respond to an end-to-end migration, it can also accommodate different types of migration projects.

SAP migration assessment

During this first step, we undergo the SAP landscape and cloud infrastructure analysis. After having this data, we consult stakeholders in taking business and functional decisions.

SAP migration preparation

This is the step where, with the help of the data collected during the assessment phase, we compose an architectural proposal, considering different cost models. Also, we provide the cloud organizational structure design and the cloud network and infrastructure design. In this phase, our teams of UX and UI designers are defining the interfaces, while the final decisions regarding the tooling are taken.

SAP migration phase

After everything is decided, we continue by setting-up the cloud infrastructure and undergoing the actual SAP migration. Also, during this phase, our testing teams do all the technical and stress tests to ensure that the system can perform in the given situations.

SAP migration delivery

After the migration is done, we want to make sure that our client’s team can take ownership of the solution. We prepare all the documentation and the procedures that can be later used by the client’s teams. Also, if required, we provide functional training on the new working models.

SAP ecosystem management

After-delivery, we ensure resource optimization, continuous monitoring, and improvement, as well as the infrastructure administration of the project.

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