SAP implemented as a new landscape

For complex business needs, SAP lies at the base of the business transformation processes.

Why choose SAP?

Decrease or eliminate data redundancy 

Ensure real-time information across departments

Increase productivity by reducing material costs or eventual costs related to the human- resource

Enhance control over different departments

 When building a new SAP landscape, having a proficient complete team is a must. 

For undergoing an SAP technical implementation, we have devised our work into 3 main phases: discovery, implementation, and maintenance. 

SAP discovery

As an SAP-certified partner, we ensure SAP assistance in various functional and technical areas.

With the help of our SAP Process Consulting team, we:

Ensure continuous development and support for your systems through a managed service model.

Provide added value depending on the established indicators

After the discovery phase, our teams of UX and UI designers come with visual solutions that make the new SAP Solution intuitive and adapted to the needs of the company’s users.

SAP implementation and custom landscape development

Professional SAP consulting and ABAP development services that maximize system efficiency and ensure the return of your digital investment.

We deliver adapted, logically structured functionalities, helping you to make the leap towards an up-to-date IT flow.

Depending on the project’s specifications and requirements, our teams of certified SAP specialists ensure seamless integration of different SAP functional modules such as SAP Financial Accounting, SAP Sales and Distribution, SAP Materials Management, and others.

Our goal for all our SAP technical implementations is to enable companies to benefit from a scalable and efficient business flow with a positive long-term business impact.

SAP system maintenance

After the SAP technical project implementation is completed, we make sure that the systems run smoothly, and that they can perform to the requirements drafted in the technical discovery period.

During this step, we ensure training sessions that allow the on-site development teams or the company’s IT department to take ownership of the new solution.

Also, we ensure full support for installing new modules and enabling new functionalities.

If your are ready to embark on your SAP implementation journey, contact us.

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