Modern Workplace

Build a workplace that works towards increased efficiency and security

We’ve seen this over and over again: modern tools transform a workplace into a flexible and productive work environment.

Due to easy-access communication channels, intuitive means of collaboration, and a smooth overall working process, employees find themselves more engaged and satisfied at work.

With extensive knowledge of Active Directory (identity management), Office 365, and Windows 10 as a service, we assist our partners in building an efficient and secure modern workplace that encourages and enables employees to do their best work.


Infrastructure Health Checks (Microsoft Exchange, SCCM, Active Directory): We have developed an exhaustive analysis matrix to determine and further ensure the health of your infrastructure.

Office 365 Implementation and Migration: We help you migrate to a modern digital solution, enabling you to implement more efficient processes within your organisation.

Windows 10 Migration and Evergreen IT: Easily migrate from a pre-Windows 10 operating system to the latest cutting-edge version in record time. Once migrated, you will want all your devices continuously secured, patched, and available. This is where our ASM Evergreen IT concept comes into play.

Accesa Packaging Factory: We operate as a flexible and agile software packaging partner for companies looking to boost efficiency and effectiveness through customised software applications.

Accesa Software Updates Services: We provide the safest and fastest way to get your company working with the latest software updates.

Other services: