Robotic Process Automation

Automate repetitive processes to free up time for value-adding tasks

Say goodbye to time-consuming, error-prone, repetitive manual work and hello to a new era of 24/7 speed and efficiency – integrate robotic process automation (RPA) in both internal and external business processes and watch your company grow. 

Rely on us to design, implement, and monitor the RPA solution that best fits your business strategy. Furthermore, our expert engineering teams will assist you in employing intelligent process automation tools and techniques, making for substantial enhancements in your organisation’s business value and competitive advantage.

Robotic Process Automation Services

RPA Awareness Workshop: We set the foundation of what implementing RPA entails by going through front- and back-office RPA use cases, required skills and tools, identifying candidate processes, as well as the basics of starting an RPA journey within your company.

RPA Journey Workshop: Together, we find out where and how RPA can bring the most value in our client’s specific business context. Mapping out business processes, qualifying them according to costs and benefits, and assessing the value robotic process automation would bring to them, will get us there. 

RPA Proof of Concept: We deliver an RPA PoC for the chosen process based on a thorough business process analysis, a PoC plan (which includes the scope, costs, and duration of the project), a definition of the RPA PoC success criteria targeted, a detailed process documentation, and the recommended RPA construction infrastructure.

Process Modeling & Implementation: A detailed model of the business process enables us to design, develop, and train the necessary robot(s). Risk, issue, and quality management of the RPA solution are also part of the package.

RPA Training & Enablement: In order to maximize the returns of implementing robotic process automation, we fully support businesses to grow capabilities in-house, through trainings and best practices.

RPA Infrastructure Operations & Support: We ensure continuous support post go-live, as well as continuous optimization for the provided RPA solution.

Other services: