Artificial Intelligence

In the field of artificial intelligence, we offer consultancy and development services.

We fundamentally believe in the promise of AI, and we think that technology should be used to ease the manual work and to enable growth. In this context, a custom AI can be your own digital assistant with a positive business impact.

Our approach

For our projects, we developed a five-step approach that enhances our productivity and lies at the base of our success stories. In this approach, we start with a consultancy period, then we move on to the development of the digital product, and finally, we offer maintenance. 

Accesa Digital Manufactturing Way of working

Depending on the project, we adapt our approach to better address the challenges that our clients have. For example, in some cases, our client may already have an AI solution in place and needs training sessions. Others may just need feasibility studies or may have such a study and just need a development partner. In all cases, our specialists are ready to assist and enable digital transformation. 

As artificial intelligence is a broad topic, at Accesa we focus mainly on four main pillars:

Machine learning 

Training sessions: “AI for business” and “Intro to machine learning” 

Data platform 

Data science and advanced analytics 

Data science and advanced analytics 


We enable the fast collection of data which immediately can be handled and used for further elaborated algorithms on specific processes. 

In the field of data science, we ensure end-to-end data engineering with the help of real-time analytics and visualisation, as well as AI solutions and Strategic Advisory, like: 

Event prediction (predictive analytics) and risk reduction: evaluate risks and take required actions based on extensive global data  

Better monitoring of the manufacturing processmonitor and evaluate the performance with the help of dynamically-generated data  

Data-driven optimization: make business decisions after consulting correct and complete data 

Machine learning

Using machine learning, we enable systems with the ability to automatically learn and improve from these experiences without being explicitly programmed. 

In the field of machine learning our focus has been on: 

Natural Language Processing (NLP): communicate with the system using natural language 

Computer vision: includes object classification, tracking, or detection, and visual inspection 

Prediction and error prevention: proactively detect and solve system anomalies 

Data platform 


We design solutions for data acquisition, data storage and support for data science workflows.

Training: “AI for business” and “Intro to machine learning” 

AI for business: this is a short, yet comprehensive training session that makes stakeholders better understand how AI can enable business growth. Also, it may include a discovery period which allows us to better understand the existing landscape of our clients and then suggest a solution approach. 

Intro to machine learning: we offer a 1-2 days hands-on workshop targeting a technical audience which is meant to provide a good start in the field of AI. 

Success stories:

Artificial Intelligence for an efficient data anonymisation solution
Artificial Intelligence anonymisation

Other services: