Supply Chain and Fulfilment

Obtain and maintain your gains in the supply chain

Can your business effectively and proactively ensure supply chain management?

Accesa covers end-to-end retail processes, including order management, checkout, pricing applications, back-office systems, ticketing systems, customer loyalty, digital pricing labels, product information management, and supply chain management.

Adopting a supply chain management solution leads to massive cost reductions, increased customer satisfaction, and traceability performance.

We enable companies to master the full power of their e-commerce data with a strategic supply chain management system.

Distributed order management

Step up your customer experience with a modern distributed order management system.

We set up the tools your company needs for inventory visibility by using flexible dynamic inventory systems.

As comprehensive adaptive solutions, we implement:

IBM Sterling Order Management System

All the order management processes under SAP

Both solutions offer comprehensive scalable systems for automated cross-channel selling and fulfilment processes.

Warehouse management

Knowing exactly where an item is at a certain moment, as well as the total number of products available in a certain location, is a key aspect of accurately managing a big warehouse.

For extensive warehouses, our teams use the SAP warehouse management solution due to its capabilities to provide the right amount of optimisation and control.

This solution allows better management of complex warehouses, thus optimising the material flow in all locations.

Logistics Management

Produce and record financial transactions made by any of the entities implied in the e-commerce flow.

Our certified developers make sure that your financial transactions and economic activities function well in any type of economic situation.

For better mapping of accounts receivable and payables, as well as asset and bank accounting, we use the SAP FICO module.

Marketplace Integration

Enhance your customer experience by offering a coherent and constant experience throughout the platform.

Synchronise your products’ critical data throughout your entire marketplace in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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