Enterprise Information

Enterprise information: data revealing for less gut feeling


To develop and grow, companies must make decisions based on accurate information from reliable sources. Can your business benefit from such information?

We create effective sets of data management operations that secure your company’s valuable information.

In a business context, an enterprise information management solution enables companies to better gather and manage information from within.

After being recorded and stored, we make that data accessible in a meaningful, accurate, and timely manner.

Product master data

A large e-commerce platform can have thousands of attributes, hundreds of relationships, and millions of records. Traditionally, managing so much information has been exhausting and prone to human error. That’s where our experts come in.

We enable companies to comprehensively manage their products throughout the entire communication flow with the help of a product master data management tool.

We want to make sure that the solution we implement is fully capable of helping your business make decisions based on accurate data. In implementing this, we act as a partner, adviser, and enabler of future-ready digital solutions.

Customer master data

Your customers have placed their trust in you and have shared their personal information with your company. This makes your company responsible for that data.

It also obliges your company to take all the measures necessary to make sure that the customer’s master data and master records are fully secured and used according to your customer’s wishes.

Based on the specific needs of your business, we can avoid human error by implementing a tailored digital solution. Our aim is to implement a solution capable of securely managing your clients’ data in a professional and timely manner.

Corporate management and finance

It is very important to implement this module correctly and to make sure that everything works according to the relevant standards. That’s why partnering with a certified company is very important.

For corporate management and finance, we use SAP FICO (finance and cost controlling). This is a very robust SAP module that can comprehensively cover nearly every business process encountered in various industries.

Our team of certified developers ensures that your financial data is stored and used correctly throughout the platform.

Customer transactional data

If we were to rank all possible types of personal data, transactional information would occupy one of the top positions. Thus, there is a need for a transactional data management tool that can handle every possible attack by hackers.

Secure your transactional data with a secure digital solution implemented by developers with years of experience and proven expertise.

By protecting your customers’ transactional data, we can help your business keep their data safe from any attempted fraud.

If we haven’t convinced you yet about the importance of an enterprise information system, check out our latest case studies to see what we’ve done so far for some of our clients.

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