Commerce Insights

E-commerce analytics for relevant business insights

What are the chances your customers will convert? Do you have the tools to gain relevant business insights?

We can help you learn more about your clients with a unified 360-degree view of their activity across all your company’s channels.

After gaining insights into what your clients want, we make sure your platform provides exactly what they’re looking for, at the right place and time. This customer-centred approach enables better retention and eventually growth in conversions.

Accesa helps you increase your retention and conversion rates by setting up the right e-commerce analytics tools.

By means of web analytics, A/B and multivariate testing, session replay, as well as customer and data analytics, your business can better predict what your customers are looking for and act in an appropriate way.

Web analytics

Web analytics enables a thorough assessment of the data collected from your website in terms of navigation.

We put in place tools to better understand how your platform performs on the web and how this performance can be improved.

Together, we measure your platform’s performance and investigate your KPIs. Then we help you use this data for further optimisation.

A/B and multivariate testing

A/B testing is a great method for evaluating or testing a new page or a new concept you are trying to implement.

We enable your business to use the full power of A/B testing to gain a better understanding of what your clients are looking for.

Find out what really speaks to your audience and adapt accordingly for increased retention and conversion.

Session replay

Using session replay tools, we enable your business to be closer to your customers, analyse their journey, and be ready to improve.

Why do we suggest implementing a session replay?

It enables your team to test and enhance new features (how the colour of a button influences conversions, for example).

It creates an environment where your business can analyse the customer journey.

It shows blockers in the purchasing funnel, such as abandoned carts.

Customer journey analytics

Customer journey analytics transforms your customers’ interactions with your online shop into a meaningful tableau of your customers’ interactions with your organisation.

We implement suitable tools to map this journey and then enable your business to act accordingly.

Customer analytics

Do you know how your customers interact with your brand?

We help you discover relevant customer analytics to enable growth.

Then, our e-commerce specialists transform your insights into tools of feature enablement and customisation.

Data analytics

Data analytics improves decision making across your digital ecosystem through the use of automatically obtained data.

We partner with you in the implementation of comprehensible solutions for data warehouse management.

In the case of data analytics, depending on the topic, our approach is:

Descriptive: Collect and manage data without making any changes.

Predictive: Identify selling opportunities and gain selling leverage.

Prescriptive: Follow certain models to increase performance and reduce noise.

To find out more about our capacities in implementing analytics and insight-providing tools, check out some of our latest case studies.

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