Intelligent Process Automation

Transform your business inside and out with intelligent process automation 

Intelligent process automation (IPA) is one step forward from robotic process automation (RPA) and one big step closer to reaching your business goals.

By implementing intelligent process automation, an organisation can invest its resources more wisely, leading to cost reduction and improved SLAs. However, the way a company approaches this implementation will dictate whether IPA will cause more harm or good across the organisation.

Our extensive experience enables us to identify and implement the best of what intelligent process automation has to offer for your specific business needs.

Technological expertise

Intelligent OCR: Automate document-driven processes where inputs are received in formats such as PDF or scanned, faxed, or handwritten documents.

RPAThe major benefit RPA brings to the table is automating time-consuming, error-prone, repetitive, manual work, enabling companies to free up resources.

ChatbotsToday’s AI-based digital solutions allow human-to-digital interactions to turn conversational, providing an intuitive quick fix to typical, day-to-day workplace tasks.

Machine learningAnother branch of artificial intelligence, machine learning, allows systems to learn from data, identify patterns, and make decisions with minimal human intervention.

What IPA can do for your business

Patient data processing

Billing payments processing

Insurance claims processing

Health record storage

Financial services

Customer relations and account management

Mortgage comparison surveys

Financial claims cases

Loan data reconciliation

Customer onboarding

Card activation, underwriting

Claims processing

Loan applications

Compliance processes


Data extraction for shopping carts/websites

Inventory updating and reconciliation

Updating sales lists

Shipping and invoice completion


Collating customer data from CRM systems

Competitor pricing analysis


Hardware testing

Software load and performance testing


Automation of logistics data

Data monitoring

Product pricing comparisons

Sales order processing

Accounts payable and accounts receivable


Human resources

Customer service

Finance and accounting


Other services: