Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise application integration for enhanced business process management

Instead of using several divergent tools for smaller tasks, your business can enjoy the benefits of a single integration that solves a variety of different assignments.

Our experienced teams enable business process orchestration for a better design of your company’s processes.

With the help of custom integration, process orchestration, as well as other related enterprise application integration services, we enable digital transformation for enhanced customer experiences and business growth.

In the field of enterprise application integration, our service capabilities are related to custom integration, including service-oriented architecture, enterprise service bus (ESB), and business process management.

Our teams can do all the administration and configuration, development, and testing that a project may require. Also, for ESB testing, we can ensure automated testing using some of the latest frameworks.

Why consider enterprise application integration?

Easier, faster application integration: Simplify the building of modern, native cloud applications by graphically choreographing the interactions between APIs and microservices.

Superior customer experiences: Provide new and engaging customer experiences by tightly integrating back-end applications and data for real-time bidirectional communications to the web and mobile devices.

Less integration complexity: Eliminate the complexity of integrating new IoT devices, data, platforms, applications, and other IT assets to help power your digital transformation.

Using tools such as TIBCO and SAP PI/PO, we integrate valuable solutions for better data synchronisation.

TIBCO: legacy systems continuity

TIBCO enables the co-existence of old and new technology stacks. This provides great flexibility and reliability to the enterprise ecosystem.

With vast experience in the field, our developers can safely implement TIBCO for enhanced and secure cloud integration.

In addition to the cost-effectiveness of this solution, TIBCO also comes with enhanced security features that prevent data loss, monitor peak periods, and handle anomalies.

SAP PI/PO: seamless integration

SAP PI/PO is a great enabler for improved data transfer, increased effectiveness, and better security.

With the help of SAP PI/PO, our teams provide seamless integration between SAP and non-SAP applications within the organisation (application to application, or A2A) or even outside the organisation (business to business, or B2B).

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