UX Design

UX design for enhanced customer satisfaction

With a clear framework and a customer-focused approach, our team of UX designers enables the creation of engaging digital products.

Following established design standards, workflows, and guidelines, we ensure optimum utilisation of resources by both the system and the company’s users, be they external or internal.

If the case, we can also help you define your user-personas. Then, we start to describe what you need in order to better understand how to solve your problems.

Our work includes approaches such as pyramid team structure diagrams, identifying pain points, and specifying the problem and task flows. To ensure a great customer experience, we also cover the information architecture and the ideation of the final solution.

After designing the solution, we start working as an autonomous product team. This ensures the creation of relevant digital platforms from the actual design to development and testing.

Autonomous product team

The product team makes sure that the business viability and the user desirability aspects of a product are considered when working together to determine a new product.

In order to deliver high-quality services, we use our lean product development framework, which covers every phase of the product development life cycle: ideation, discovery, exploration, validation, and development.

Made up of a (proxy) product owner and a UI/UX designer, the product team’s focus is on finding out what the business goals are, as well as user needs and pains, and balancing these two aspects in order to make sure that we are building the right product.

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