Software Testing

Ensure the quality and efficiency of your business applications

For your business to respond positively to market changes and customer demands, it needs reliable solutions that drive improved quality. The effectiveness and efficiency of everyday operations are closely linked to the way business applications behave on a day-to-day basis under a variety of circumstances. Powered by more than 15 years of testing experience, we have gained the business know-how and technical expertise to respond to our clients’ specific business needs with high-quality software testing services.

From UI testing, web services testing, backend testing, to API and database testing, running either on-premises or in the cloud, we combine tried-and-true testing processes with the agile methodology and a strategic partnership approach to make sure that your applications will stand the test of time and support you in achieving your business goals.

Our software testing services   

A comprehensive portfolio of testing services, that enable you to achieve your business objectives. 

Accesa test consultancy  

Proficient and insightful consultants with different areas of expertise, we believe in a review-before-action process. We analyse and bring efficient solutions for your internal processes, in terms of tools usage and team-skills distribution, as well as in the field of functional and non-functional testing. 

Consultancy is at the core of every service we provide, helping you explore all the alternatives before getting your company into the operating theatre. 

Accesa test assessment  

Obtain a clear overview of your system’s health with our initial test assessment, in which, we uncover possible downfalls, as well as performance boosting opportunities. 

In this assessment endeavour, our experts pinpoint potential issues, as well as performance-boosting opportunities. By the end of this stage, we create a test artefact with short, medium, and long-term actions, as well as plans to improve outcomes and reach business objectives. 

Accesa test automation  

Repetitive testing tasks can be automated for a more efficient testing process, allowing more time for the manual testers to explore the application as an end-user would. 

No matter the technology, we are ready to provide desktop, mobile or web test automation services. We work with both open source and commercial solutions. But if the case, we can build a custom testing framework to better suit your needs. 

Accesa core testing 

We provide a complete spectrum of core testing services for enterprise and custom applications, enabling companies’ end-to-end quality assurance. 

Based on the collaboration’s needs, during the core testing period, we can do:

Exploratory testing

Integration testing

System testing

Smoke testing

Regression testing

End-to-end testing

UAT testing

Test Management

Accesa performance testing

With test scenarios and reporting mechanisms in place, we assess 100% emulated user-behaviour. Regardless of the tools used, be that commercial or our own performance testing platform, that run on-premise or in the cloud, we deliver a report with visual results, performance limitations, bottlenecks as well as recommendations for performance improvements. In terms of performance testing we provide:

Load tests 

Stress tests 

Scalability tests 

Stability tests 

Performance tests 

Spike tests 

When choosing Accesa as your testing partner, you embrace:

Innovation: we are constantly searching for new technologies and frameworks to improve the testing process, and sometimes we even develop custom testing solutions 

Time to market: get a team whose primary focus is to ensure quality starting from the project’s beginning and speed up time-to-market by releasing new functionalities 

A flexible, long-term partnership approach that reflects every aspect of our project

Transparency thaallows you to know who works for you and to be able to interact with them aany time 

Product quality: reduce the number of blocker and critical defects found after each release by identifying the root cause 

Tailored-to-business testing services so that you can enjoy a peace of mind derived from a client-oriented approach 

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