Software Testing

Ensure the quality and efficiency of your business applications

For your business to respond positively to market changes and customer demands, it needs reliable solutions that drive improved quality. The effectiveness and efficiency of everyday operations are closely linked to the way business applications behave on a day-to-day basis under a variety of circumstances. Powered by more than 15 years of testing experience, we have gained the business know-how and technical expertise to respond to our clients’ specific business needs with high-quality software testing services.

From UI testing, web services testing, backend testing, to API and database testing, running either on-premises or in the cloud, we combine tried-and-true testing processes with the agile methodology and a strategic partnership approach to make sure that your applications will stand the test of time and support you in achieving your business goals.

Our strengths

We’re always up to date with the latest technological trends.

Having been exposed to business challenges within numerous industries, we have acquired valuable insights that help us choose the right solutions for our clients.

We have a keen understanding of business needs and how strategically implemented technological solutions can greatly help in fulfilling them.

A solution-oriented mindset: we always keep track of how every decision may impact the end-user experience and, therefore, satisfaction and retention rates.

Our strategic, long-term partnership approach, leading us through every project we take on.


Test assessment: We offer a comprehensive test process audit, which provides you with a clear assessment of your product’s health. Our test process audit template is tailored to our clients’ specific business needs, successfully uncovering every technical aspect of an application that needs attention. Moreover, through a meticulously analysed risk project, we help our clients pinpoint potential issues, as well as performance-boosting opportunities. Finally, our test assessments are followed by an extensive report of how to best improve the testing process for the given application.

Core testing services: Our end-to-end core testing services range from functional, integration, system or regression testing to compatibility and usability testing as well.

Test automation: Adhering to a tool-agnostic approach, we apply the right testing tools to automate testing processes and increase quality and productivity.

Performance testing: Our test engineers will not only identify any stress, load, scalability, or reliability issues that may threaten the stability of your product, the emerging issue will also be isolated and dealt with in a timely, agile manner, enabling your application to function seamlessly and for any risks to be kept under control. To do so, our expert testing team uses modern, high-performance tools, including our very own performance tool developed in-house, which can run either in cloud environments or on-premises.

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Performance testing

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