Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Switch to an approach that enables you to be better, faster, and stronger

We take pride in the agility with which we conduct our business, and we know that, when applied correctly, the agile methodology, DevOps, and CI/CD have major transformational results for a business, from the inside out.

Fast software builds, frequent delivery, automation, continuous deployment cycles, and feedback loops, as well as improved code quality, time to market, and employee efficiency – these aren’t just buzzwords; this is what you stand to gain by partnering with us to integrate CI/CD in your software building and deployment process.

Implementation steps

Planning: The DevOps transformation journey in Accesa starts with a comprehensive planning and definition phase of expected deliverables, involving all teams and relevant stakeholders.

Dev: The development team delivers the package to be deployed based on the requirements agreed upon in the planning phase.

Ops: Next, Ops takes over to release the package in all selected environments, from test to production, in a CI/CD workflow, aiming for zero downtime deployments where possible.

Monitoring: The DevOps team monitors the newly deployed package to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

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