Active consulting to enable innovation

Our consulting services enable innovation and digital transformation for your business. Consulting acts as both an enabler and validator of solutions and also as preparation for further UX design and development services.

We listen to your needs and help you discover the right solutions to move forward.

Understanding your business needs and your company’s end users is the foundation of a successful project. Together with your team, we enable growth in an innovative customer-centred approach.

We have developed a series of consulting services to enable innovation and the digital transformation of businesses:

Agile Coaching

We offer guidance and technical mastery by focusing on your interests. Our specialists facilitate organisational change and development.


With comprehensive training sessions that empower local teams to explore the full capabilities of the implemented solutions.

Solutions Architecture

Our solution architects sketch the appropriate solutions for managing all the requirements identified together with our clients’ teams.

A viable solution architecture ensures a decrease in costs and a usable future-ready solution.

This is a major step in the development of any enterprise solution, application, or digital process. Like in the case of a house, the architecture is the foundation of a durable digital solution.

Project Management

Project management ensures the transparency and achievement of the desired goal.

In addition to managing internal teams, our project managers act as professional advisers and consultants. Skilled project managers ensure that projects are delivered within a specific time frame and according to an agreed budget.

Our aim is to enhance effectiveness and make sure that projects are delivered not just on time, but that they are also of the best possible quality.

Service Design Workshop

This is a service that helps companies uncover opportunities and explore solutions to improve or expand their business. Whether aimed at internal processes or external services, our service design offering is meant to help companies uncover opportunities and explore solutions to improve or expand their business.

Based on extensive research, service design is a customer-centric endeavour in which customers or employees (or both) become co-creators of a new and improved process or service.

This holistic approach ensures that the proposed solutions are both technically feasible and of value to your business.

Business and Requirements Analysis

The focus of business analysis or (proxy) product ownership is discovering and understanding not only the requirements for any given solution but also the broader picture. This includes the industry and business context, business objectives and constraints, as well as the end users’ needs and pains.

Only when the business standards and processes are understood and aligned can we can make sure that we are building the right product, not only from a technical point of view, but also from a business and user perspective.

This is achieved by working together with our UI/UX designers as a product team.

We use a lean and tailored product development framework that covers every phase of the product development life cycle, from ideation through discovery, exploration, and validation, as well as development.

Other services: