Thriving On Technical Proficiency – Mihnea’s Take On Exploration and Becoming a Good Developer

Thriving On Technical Proficiency – Mihnea’s Take On Exploration and Becoming a Good Developer

As a developer, the idea of having specifications when doing anything is very appealing so when I decided to look for an opportunity in another company, I had very clear requirements in mind. It wasn’t just the role that convinced me Accesa and I were a good fit. I couldn’t join right away so I appreciated the fact that they were willing to wait a few months. I trusted them to wait and they trusted me to join.

Being trusted and having the freedom to take on new challenges, full ownership of projects and tasks, and of my own career development has helped me improve both my technical and non-technical skills.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to explore many different contexts that have shaped me, as a developer. Aside from hands-on Java development on commercial projects, I’ve been a Competence Centre coordinator, taught University courses, mentored interns, and worked on POCs for ShipIT.

Leading a project which had production hiccups helped me become much more confident in the solutions that I chose and proposed, as well as in my communication skills, and I love that when my day starts, I get to do more than just code.

The project that I’m working on right now, challenges me both from a technical and a consultancy point of view. Since our client’s business is in the very competitive eCommerce industry, our impact is substantial. We’re helping them digitise an important part of their business and it’s great that our insights are valued and that we’re developing technical solutions together with our client.

As developers, we can’t should focus on more than just writing code. To become really good developers, we should be willing to explore multiple professional contexts that relate to our jobs, share insights with and learn from all the people we work with. We should invest time in learning new technologies and techniques but also in learning the project we’re working on. It’s how we can correctly define the problem, influence the right decisions, and build the right solutions. I think those can be important requirements in becoming a good developer.