(Retail) A Successfully Completed SAP-Cloud Migration Project: an Opportunity-Generating and Relationship-Strengthening Experience

A team of senior SAP consultants and delivery managers successfully completed a complex, challenging SAP-Cloud migration project.

(Retail) A Successfully Completed SAP-Cloud Migration Project: an Opportunity-Generating and Relationship-Strengthening Experience

As part of an ongoing collaboration spanning over seven years with one of Europe’s leading consumer electronics retailers and providers, a small but agile team of senior SAP Consultants and Delivery Managers successfully completed a complex, challenging SAP-Cloud migration project.

After identifying our partners’ challenges and needs, our team outlined a comprehensive plan that included the software architecture needs and a step-by-step process of migrating a critical SAP ecosystem, consisting of 6 landscapes and 19 systems from on-premise, to Google Cloud, in a very tight time frame.

By maintaining the same high standard in delivery that recommended us from the beginning of our collaboration, our team ensured considerably faster-working systems, usage cost optimisation, and our partner’s increased flexibility and ability to innovate faster and improve performance.

Engineering Proficiency and Effective Collaboration

Working in close collaboration with the many stakeholders involved and through a consultative approach, our SAP Basis experts have put together a complete plan to ensure the fast and smooth migration process of the six landscapes SAP infrastructure spread over 14 countries, consisting of 19 systems altogether connected to numerous others, into Google Cloud.

After several meetings with the business and technical stakeholders, our experts marked each step, milestone and deliverable of the project and made sure that they fully understood the customer’s objectives: performing a complex SAP ecosystem migration in a thigh time frame of nine months, ensuring infrastructure optimisation, flexibility, faster working systems and cost optimisation.

The complexity of the SAP infrastructure, working with a dynamic environment, and assuring a smooth migration path that involved resolving unplanned collateral and adjoining subjects generated by the migration, challenged our team in the delivery process. But, working with the latest SAP NetWeaver technologies and SAP Business Suite solutions, which are running on AIX and Linux using Oracle and Hana databases both on-premises and Cloud platforms, as well as consistently building trust, flexibility and openness, helped our team to ensure the successful and complete migration process that met the customer’s goals.

Enabling Our Client’s Business to Evolve & Their End-Users to Succeed

Working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment, where the customer's needs can change, our team made sure to provide fast responses, in-depth knowledge and expertise. Through ongoing and transparent communication and regular sync sessions on both technical and business requirements, our SAP experts agilely reacted to the customer’s expectations and delivered effective solutions that ensure constantly available and up-to-date systems that operate with almost 0 downtime.

By taking over the operations of the remaining SAP infrastructures and newly migrated systems in the Cloud, we continue to support our client’s digital transformation journey. This enables our experts to increase their technical expertise further and embrace both challenges and collaboration, our client to adopt optimised, flexible solutions that can improve their work and its users to have an enhanced experience that will generate loyalty and satisfaction.

Fast facts

  • Europe’s leading retail brand

  • Long-term partnership

  • Consultancy-led approach

  • High project complexity

Key Technologies: SAP SWPM (Software Provisioning Manager) | SAP DMO (Database Migration Option) | SAP HANA | GCP (Google Cloud Platform)|

What the team has to say:

"This success story really comes down to the people directly involved in it. From engineers, technical leads, and delivery managers to client partners, we all shared the same vision and achieved great results. Together. Dedication, flexibility, effort, transparency and knowledge were key elements for our achievement. But what’s more exciting is that, along with our commitment to a transparent and trust-based collaboration, we were able to have an increasing impact providing consultancy, solutions and support that helps our customers’ business thrive." Florin Radulea, Head of Service Delivery