(Real Estate) A Memorable Employee Experience Enabling a Long-Term Partnership That Helps Our Client’s Business Consistently Evolve

Our commitment to maintaining a consistently high-quality standard in delivery ensures positive outcomes both for our clients and people.

(Real Estate) A Memorable Employee Experience Enabling a Long-Term Partnership That Helps Our Client’s Business Consistently Evolve

Our people-oriented mindset and commitment to maintaining a consistently high-quality standard in delivery, doesn’t just ensure positive outcomes for our clients but a rewarding career for our people, too.

Having been part of our SharePoint team, a former colleague now leading the Infrastructure and Cloud department of a major, multinational provider of Real Estate and business support service, recommended Accesa as a potential partner for a Modern Workplace IT optimization project.

Engineering Proficiency and Effective Collaboration

Striving to understand and respond to our client’s challenges, a small but agile team of senior consultants was able to tailor our offering to cover the scope of the initial project, within time and budget, while incrementally expanding our collaboration.

By maintaining the same high standard in delivery that recommended us in the first place, we’re now supporting our client in improving their data security, delivering a centralised-cloud services configuration across their offices worldwide, as well as working on solving Azure Cloud and hybrid advanced configuration challenges across their entire infrastructure, ultimately leading to a more effective and secure collaboration across our client’s business.

We’ve created a transparent, simplified, and constant communication flow with our senior consultants and have also been able to seamlessly integrate new people into the project, thanks to solid project management practices.

Enabling Our Client’s Business to Evolve & Their End-Users to Succeed

Thanks to our consultancy-driven approach, the autonomy our colleagues have in nurturing the collaboration with our client, we’re able to address actual challenges our client is facing. We’re solving for the now, while accounting for future needs, making sure our client’s digital evolution journey keep progressing, at a steady pace.

By proactively proposing solutions, testing them on a cloud tenant before implementation and due to our ability to drive customer IT changes ourselves without any 3rd party involvement, our team is able to have consistent and significant impact across our client’s entire business, building a more modern Digital Workplace infrastructure.

Fast facts

  • Consultancy-led approach

  • Multinational Real Estate brand

  • Consultancy-driven mindset

  • Growing partnership

Key Technologies: SharePoint online | Device management | Azure Active Directory| Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Advanced Threat protection| Exchange|

What the team has to say:

"It's a really exciting project that keeps growing and a good opportunity to develop a strong, problem-solving oriented mindset. This success story really comes down to the people directly involved in it, as well as the colleagues within our area who support each other, allowing us to be flexible and take extra projects such as this one. making sure we maintain the professional and delivery standards our clients appreciate us for." Igor Chernov, Modern Workplace Business Area Manager