Reaching 200 employees milestone and continuing to develop our competence centers

We’re proud to announce that this May Accesa has reached the 200 employees milestone, also marking the fastest team growth with 80 more specialists just in the last year.


The achievement is a result of the company’s strategy to further differentiate itself in the context of the European market of IT service providers which includes developing competence centers as a business model. Consequently, Accesa has been attracting and recruiting more than 80 IT professionals in the last year, expanding the team to 200 passionate specialists who currently work across different projects from Accesa’s emerging competence centers.

In the process of developing the competence centers, we’ve refined our expertise and adapted our portfolio of services as to wholly fit clients’ IT strategies and their need for software solutions that have an impact on their business. For most of the companies out there our competence centers such as Digital Workplace, Cloud and Mobile Business, Business Integration & Reporting and SAP Consulting are distinctively essential and relevant to their IT strategy, while our Scientific & Medical competence center is a definitive functional area for companies which activate within these industries.

Competence centers are the foundation of the organization, enabling teams from different competence centers to add more value to the solutions that they deliver by understanding the clients’ challenges from a functional perspective and by progressively becoming specialists in a certain functional area. Competence centers also enable them to work in a collaborative environment, where they can learn, share knowledge and constantly develop their skills.

On a long stretch, Accesa takes the mission to further develop its portfolio of functional expertise and support employees to grow professionally by enjoying the benefits of collaboration and learning that competence centers promote within the company.