Ideas in action. Accesa’s ShipIT Day – 24 hours to deliver projects

How much fun can you have? How innovative can you be? How much value can you bring? How far would you go in 24 hours to bring your ideas to life?

We are proud to announce that Accesa held ShipIT Day between 23rd and 24th of January 2015! It was great and we saw some really entrepreneurial spirit, creative work, passion, collaboration and a real sense of fun and commitment from those involved. The event is part of TechLeague and powered by TechInitiative.

What is ShipIT Day?

ShipIT Day is a 24-hour event in which employees deliver innovation and value to the company they work for. It’s called ShipIT Day because they have to deliver in 24 hours. Within this time – 24 real hours, not business hours – people are not disturbed for regular work. They have total autonomy over the project they are enthusiastic about. They decide for themselves what they will be working on, who they are going to work with, and how they are going to do it. The teams who sign up present the results to the evaluators at the end of the event. The most important rule is to get creative, innovative and have fun!

How was ShipIT Day at Accesa?

ShipIT Day TechInitiative started on Friday, 23rd January, at 1 p.m. The kick-off presentation was held by Iulian Iuga, Accesa’s CEO. The participants were encouraged to think outside the box, experiment with new technologies and forget about limitations. They grouped into teams, chose their motto, armed with lots of creativity, courage and started the challenge.

ShipIT Day - Kick off presentation by Iulian Iuga

ShipIt Day - Kick off presentation

ShipIT Day - Motto

ShipIT Day Initiative

Over the 24 hours, they built a prototype of their project. A brave few stayed in the office until well past sunrise and even the entire night to complete their projects.

The demonstration phase started on Saturday, 24th of January, at 1 p.m. Each team had 10 minutes to present their results to the evaluators. After the jury’s deliberation, the awards were announced and the success was celebrated.

ShipIT Day TechInitiative created an environment where innovation and team spirit were at their best. Our colleagues got the opportunity to dribble with their boundaries and foster their creativity. They shared knowledge and build projects that made us all proud!

Their Passion for technology will drive more TechLeague events. Looking forward to the next ShipIT Day TechInitiative!

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