(Ecommerce) Migrating and Developing a Complex SAP Platform Used by Millions of Customers Worldwide

A leading company in the jewellery industry entrusted us with the mission to support them in the migration process and development of their SAP eCommerce platform.

(Ecommerce) Migrating and Developing a Complex SAP Platform Used by Millions of Customers Worldwide

Striving to offer a seamless customer experience in order to maintain and increase their market share, our client, a leading company in the jewellery industry, entrusted us with the mission to support them in the migration process and development of their SAP Commerce platform.

As the competition from niche, independent jewellery brands is rising and customers are increasingly comfortable shopping online, having a personalised online experience that fits customers' needs helps jewellery brands strengthen their positioning in the market. By partnering with the right team of subject-matter experts, that can quickly and effectively handle the challenges associated with SAP Commerce technology, our client is now able to deliver an omnichannel customer experience; from content management to customisation and order processing, boosting their customer loyalty and strengthening their market share.

Engineering Proficiency and Effective Collaboration

Starting as a 1-year migration project from Intershop to the SAP Commerce platform, we quickly established a trust-based, transparent collaboration that has grown over 5 years. During the past 3, we've successfully delivered dozens of releases every year, keeping their online shop up to date with the latest, most stable version of the SAP Commerce platform, without any disruptions to their business. Each new release is the result of an effective collaboration between our team of problem-solvers and multiple teams distributed across continents, involved at different stages of the development process.

Furthermore, we're constantly developing new features that go hand in hand with our client's strategic objectives. As they expanded into new markets, we enhanced their SAP Commerce platform with the appropriate payment methods for each country, as well as optimised it, based on new customer profiles and behaviours; all while ensuring business continuity and helping them stay ahead of their competition.

With almost 50 subject-matter experts - from architects, developers (frontend & backend), DevOps, testers to content managers, requirement engineers and support engineers - our team’s skill set is constantly evolving to ensure we’re able to tackle to SAP Commerce platform’s complexities. Through a combination of technical expertise in various technologies and an in-depth understanding of the industry, we enable our partner to consistently enhance the level of service they’re able to provide to their consumers.

Enabling Our Client’s Business to Evolve and Their End-Users to Succeed

By celebrating success and looking at failure as a way to learn, as a team, we also have the opportunity to contribute to our client’s strategic decision-making process, helping innovate at scale and grow their business. We constantly address process optimisation opportunities and challenges and create backup plans to avoid business disruptions. Our in-house Hybris Academy, which we set up in response to a shortage of SAP Commerce professionals in the market, helps us plan critical positions in our team.

By leveraging the platform's versatility, we are contributing to a consistently high end-user experience that simplifies the online purchase process for millions of customers worldwide.

Fast facts

  • SAP Commerce platform development and maintenance

  • Distributed team across Europe

  • Continuous learning mindset

Key Technologies: SAP Commerce, Java, Spring Framework, Quartz, Solr, Angular.

What the team has to say:

"We're part of a particularly challenging and complex project, and the first thing our future colleagues hear when they join our team, regardless of their professional experience or seniority is: "We can only succeed as a team!". Professional development has proven to be the most effective tool to meet high quality standards and keep our colleagues' motivation and engagement high. We look at professional development as a lifelong learning journey and a shared responsibility between our people and our organisation.

We're focusing on developing technical and non-technical skills, such as managing conflicts or negotiation techniques, which enable us to act as consultants within our projects. Our team spirit and culture endured the test of time and team dynamics; we've always been consistent in our learning process, keen to share knowledge across our team and our community, help each other and build genuine connections, with our team as well as our clients." Alexa Boga, Service Delivery Manager