(Automotive) Contributing to Developing More Innovative Paint Shops and Final Assembly Systems for the Automotive Industry

(Automotive) Contributing to Developing More Innovative Paint Shops and Final Assembly Systems for the Automotive Industry

Leveraging our technical expertise, a global leader in mechanical and plant engineering systems, partnered with us to develop their proprietary software, used by top car manufacturers around the world.

With the shift towards hybrid and electric vehicles, driven by lower running costs and a better experience, combined with the global need to address climate change, car manufacturers are facing new challenges that can be tackled by adopting innovative technologies. Enjoying a high market share in the Automotive industry, our client has built over the years a significant experience in streamlining their paint shops and final assembly lines by including automation, digital technologies and machine learning algorithms into their operating systems. To this end, they partnered with us, leveraging our technical expertise to develop state-of-the-art proprietary software used globally by top car manufacturers.

Engineering Proficiency and Effective Collaboration

Our collaboration started 4 years ago with one team of high-skilled IT professionals who developed new features for our client’s proprietary software used by the paint shops. As we gained their trust, our team of experts grew to 9 teams currently involved in the software development process for both paint shops and final assembly lines, as well as in their research and development work. In 2021 alone, our client registered almost 100 product innovations within their R&D division, leveraging our technical proficiency and helping manufacturers lower their energy consumption in production and reduce their carbon footprint.

Over the past years, our teams have been involved in every software development phase, from machine learning algorithm prototyping and algorithm evaluation through test and validation datasets, to algorithms deployment into our client's infrastructure. They’ve worked with AI-supported pattern recognition algorithms, developing technical solutions to detect and report quality issues in production at an early stage and improve the paint shops' overall equipment effectiveness (from system performance, production quality to equipment availability).

Enabling Our Client’s Business to Evolve and Their End-Users to Succeed

Last year, together with our client's own experts, our teams improved the software used in the paint shop of a top 3 car manufacturer, doubling its speed and operational capacity in producing both electrical and conventional cars in Asia.

Our teams' ability to understand complex software, and implement necessary features while constantly proposing custom-built solutions, helped our client win two industry awards in 2021. One was for the best intelligent equipment supplier for the Asian market, and the other acknowledged our client's valuable contribution to the digitalisation of global industrial production through their proprietary software.

Having a consultancy-led approach and enjoying solid communication with the client's stakeholders, our teams were recently given the opportunity to be part of the module-based paint shop R&D team - a revolutionising concept that will enable rapid plant expansion for both large and start-up car manufacturers. The prototype received good reactions from the market, and was showcased at our client's annual open house event.

Our constant efforts to find the best technical solutions and develop new features for the proprietary software are positively impacting, not only the client’s business, but also global car manufacturers and their end-users. A better experience, effective use of resources, lower costs and reduced environmental impact are just a few of the benefits they are both enjoying in the long run.

Fast facts

  • Custom software development

  • Consultancy approach

  • Continuous learning mindset

Key Technologies: Java 11, Spring, Angular, Vue.js, Python, Pandas, Flask, AWS, SQL Server, Mongo DB.

What the team has to say:

"This project is a great learning opportunity for all of us, from software engineers, scrum masters, business analyst to data scientists and team leaders. We're grateful to collaborate with our client and be there at the ground zero of innovation, working with the latest version of Java and the most recent frameworks, while having a meaningful impact on the future of the Automotive sector." Roxana Crainiciuc, Scrum Master